posted on June 21, 2010 at 2:07 am

its too early to tell
i cast my fate in the sand
the sea is calm
the sky is blue and grey
my eyes see through you
winter solstice
who will you resurrect?
i walk forever on this strand
the gulls squabble
the tiny waves leave foam
music plays in my head as always
words come into mind
the shortest day of the year
night threatens day
the king in check
the queen moves along her most convenient diagonal
path of least resistance…as is her wantonness….
the pawns oblivious as usual
the bishops ….oh what a crooked bunch
they burn joan of arc
they burn wendy the white witch
they burn your mother and your sister
the knights…ha ha
on some wild goose chase through the forest
lancelot in ms guineveres chamber with his trusty sword
galahad all golden lost in lyonesse
sir parsifal tries to staunch the blood of the fishy king
sir isaac newton battling gravity
sir mick jagger poncing about like a ninny
meanwhile your narrator lonely at the top
the temptation of st steven
martyred by the slings n arrows of outrageous 4tune
staggering neath the wait
words music paintings fill my echoing skull
chip on my shoulder coated in ancient grease
my enchantment undone
i strip off my armour
and languish in chapel perilous
i fail the test again n again
my own external exam
3 x 7 = 21

* tarot card by my dear friend MEM

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