posted on December 30, 2005 at 9:58 pm

good morning
my name is dennis ego-swyne
i now manage mr……
(whats that bastards name….suze..?)
oh yes
stephen kilby
i’ll be writing this blog this morning
seems kilby has been on here trying to be funny
well thats all over now
we will be using this blogsite
to tell you what what products this man
has available
and more importantly
how you can buy em….!
now i note this blog is free
we ll have to change all that
i guess if you all send your credit carde details
i’ll start processing your orders
i believe this fellow
has some great music out there
with some good catchy bits
and hummable lyrics
theres a new one with an….italian title
or something
oh suze says its spanish
and its got all their greatest hits
and we’d like to sell a few million
cos my wifes little merc is acting up
and i’d like to get her a lexus next year
also kilby and band
all need extensive makeovers
so they can appeal more to the kids in america
(wo -o)
have your credit card handy
and we ll send you
a free mr mister cd with every purchase
if youre in the uk
pay in pounds
if youre in new zealand
dont bother
this offer only goode
in mega prosperous countries
well thatss it
kilby himself wont be back till next year
he told me
to tell you
the triplets all say happy new whatever
that a great new inter active video
will be available in 06
produced by pam and perry m fizzeema
story of a runaway rocker
who swipes at “straights”
whilst climbing corporat ladder
finally revealed as hippy with heart
recommended for the whole family
(just make those little buggers
close their eyes during the violent and sexy stuff)
things are gonna shape up round here in 06
kilby got me in to make him a mega star idol
and quite frankly
its gonna be a long haul
(i think hes washed up myself)
but we signed him
and now we gonna market his ass off
dont just sit there
only a few hours left till next year
so order now
our experienced staff
are waiting to talk to you right now
see you in 0 six

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