posted on November 13, 2006 at 7:43 pm

hard workin’ man
slavin’ over a hot studio
sing a song, being
sing a song of space
the time wont pay no mind
look at your watch..
we are talking in space….not time
crystal discharges power
notes pile up on notes
word upon word
beat over beat
section within section
why have you suddenly connected, being?
what is the force that animates thee?
music, sex, music, sex
travelling towards the beginning
the start of our journey
i create
restless mangey olde panther
weilding yer confused powers
thc prophet
too much on yer plate
it all coming out
god help me
ive tapped in
my ancestors tellin’ me
go go go time being being
fill the void with yer stuff
do it soon, do it soon
my thoughts are too big for my head
i dont have the technique
to achieve my innervision
throwing music at a canvas
laying down the words with strings n pastels
complete stories unravel
who can i turn to?
who will understand?
where is the switch?
my fingers w/ new flexibility
my eyes getting worse
n my ears ringing…
can you believe i dont care…?
my five daughters
my four guitars
my three compadres
my two hands
my one life
my thousand dollar falcon
i cruise the darkened streets of sydney
after recording
listening to kraut rock
pulsing thru my decent stereo
time being in a capsule of sound
hot stormy night
air rushes in windows
my hair floats about
the trees go past
so happy in my anonymity
no one knows
no one cares
always music
from the very beginning
once more from the top
a tap dripping
rhythmic breath
my wife
a white planet in the dark night
the children
sweet childlike dreams
god protect n preserve my sweet hearts
elli n minna arrive less than a month
one man vs 6 women
my foolish female flock
poor olde daddy man
swamped in filial confusion
here daddy
here daddy
over here daddy
no here daddy
dadda dadda dadda
steven steven steven
how can i keep em all happy
busy being busy being
busy doing nothing
always took candy from strangers
never wanna learn me no trade
never wanna be like papa
workin for the boss every night n day..
i need a love to keep me happy
baby keep me happy
baby keep me happy

still life with motion….
the pool
the yoga mat
walking appreciating
internal dialogues
huge breakthrus
tiny steps
im excited
im raw
im living it in the present
up close n fer real
visceral n cerebral
my fingers over necks n bodies
my breath filling a microphone with sound
my chest resonates
the words slide from my mind to my throat
1 2 3 4
its all mixed up
its a wrapped up
its a take
print it!
save it!
throw it in the back of the falcon!
daddy come back..
time daddy being….
must find out
must get this n that
always more for daddy to do
daddy neverstop
farther farther farther
further n further
yonder the beyond
not too far
keep it up
thats it!

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