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whats good for the goose is  good for the gandalf

whats good for the goose is good for the gandalf

last night i saw the hobbit

pretty pretty good film

i must admit

i have almost nothing bad to say about it

the music was a bit predictable n boring tho

same old star wars battle music which seems de rigeur these days

same old trumpets blasting out like charge of the light brigade

da da dadadada da da !

no imagination

when youre in another dimension or another reality

have unreal music , i say…!

a battle between goblins dwarves and wizards

should not sound like a 19th century military band!

(same complaint about avatar…remember?)

the old irish pipesy thing is a bit tedious too

after titanic et al….

i saw it in 3D too …..

some nifty effects going on…arrows coming outta the screen etc

but i could live without such gimmickry  easily

i guess they tried to soup it all up a bit tho

get it more up to speed with LOTR……

after all the hobbit is essentially a childrens book

i read it to my kids when they were only 7 n they thoroughly enjoyed it

they enjoyed the film last night too

especially aurora (the human bunny) liked the rabbit chariot

there were a few very un-Tolkien quips in there

i dunno

like some dwarves burying some treasure

saying “we’re making a long term deposit…?!”

close call whether that stuff is good or bad

bad guys wisecracking as they go down…you know the stuff…

but it seems churlish to nitpick after such an engrossing film

new zealand looks magnificent

the actors are great esp bilbo baggins ex of english office

thorin oakenshield is well played too with real intensity

the special effects and monsters are ok too i guess

well awright

cant wait for next boxing day for hobbit 2  (pipeweed of destiny?)

sk bondi nearly at the end of 2012


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