posted on October 2, 2006 at 2:17 am

lord have mercy
a beautiful spring day
“weekend shoppers still swarm to the games
they burn their bridges
and they fan the flames
alone in the crowds forgetting their names
and fade on the way to the exit…….”
oh thats just some lyrics to a song i wrote 30 years ago
years ago living in canberra writing on my teac 4 track
getting my whole trip together
formulating my approach
you see
i knew i needed to know how recording worked
the few times i’d been in recording studios
the engineers had talked down to me
and dismissed all my suggestions
i heard sounds in my head
but i didnae have the vocabulary to communicate
nor did i yet have wherewithal to execute it
according to my plans
all i had was ambition
and a feeling i was surrounded by idiots
let me tell ya if i’d been living in london
instead of canberra
things mighta been different
but nobody could really dig my vision there
they didnt believe that i knew what i was doing
fair enough
getting underestimated toughens ya up
it is a very peculiar trip that i’m on
i dunno how to even describe it
its escapism, i guess
but on a beautiful day like today
the otherplace hovers within our reach
ive always rejected the commonplace n ordinary
my mum read me alice in wonderland when i was 4
it was a taste for the dreamlike reawakened
things that could transform or be transformed
the search for music n films that took me where…?
somewhere i need to remember so badly
im looking for clues
ive got my ear to the ground
and my eyes on the sky
i know youre looking for that place too
or why else read this stuff
which pours from my fingers like manifest ash
music is the last resort
its the 1st resort too
and all resorts between
the unusual combinations
make it sad n triumphant
use all the words from your one thousand lives
put some fucking love into it for gods sake
if its gonna be obvious
make it gloriously obvious
give me something for my heart
let my feet tap
let my mind quicken
let the blood flow to certain veins
dischord can be theatrical
but beauty n harmony are the true goal
to uplift yourself by your own strings
in the orbits tremor
the slightest string is pulled
ah fiendss
im having you on
im definitely not having you on
ah fiends i love you all
i definitely dont love you all
your breaking up
the outside falls away
the facade rebels
you wonder whats he on about
whos the biggest hood wink?
sittin inside on yon sunny daye
hunched over a screan
typing this doggerel
meanwhile the holiday is very quiet
the suburbs lie silent
birdsong muted in the springtime trees
i will go outside again
feel the sun n wind on my skin
the air is so clear n clean today
blowing across the vast oceans
bringing the antarctic ions to me
i also love fiji water
mmm its really good
drink up that lovely stuff fiendss
if ya wanna get to 52 and still rock hard
if ya wanna jump thru them fiery hoops
if ya wanna transmit the message
about the search for more space
if you understand the need for travel
outward n inward
if you desire the feeling of immersion
if you can ignore all the nonsense
if you can dig it all
and dig you must
and delve too baby
cos delve rhymes with twelve
and ya never know when ya gonna need a rhyme
so you put words like delve carefully away
in the back of yer mind so to speak
the lure of outdoors is almost irresistable
i should go out on the balc n do some yoga
stretch out my olde bones n sinews
pour some power back into my batteries
open up my heart so it has more space to beat
drawn down energy from above n below
yoga …what a cliche, huh?
oh but it works, it works….
so subtly you wont even notice
but you gotta do it every day fiendss
no days off from goode things you lazy fiendss
pursue it as you would pursue sex n drugs
pursue it as you would pursue money n power
this is the important thing
this is where you might find out
this is where it used to be
this is this
and thats that
over n out
happy holiday
ha ha
1 30 sunny holiday arvo
nsw austraylia
bye bye

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