posted on November 14, 2011 at 7:56 pm

drug saw cow boy

with all the crimson yellow in my head

i beseech thee lord thy golden staff

which doth glow in dream some say out of shot

t’is the quickening of the bursting evening afoot

the crackles of black upon black the clock will stop

a thousand faces swim upon the blank visage of woman

woman as tiger woman as hunter woman as healer

woman as hag

woman as mother as child as teacher

as white female centaur moving into lime

come we drown in feminine cosmos

a chorus of women all mourning for me

bring on the doctor bring on the lawyer

bring on the curtain and bring on my fee

the ocelot springs in a frozen assumption

his claws retract in the middle of flight

where is the engine that pumps out delusion

who is in charge of the chaos inside

how can you understand everything

when nothing is more important than light

and light as you are you fall away fast

picking up speed beyond point in time

how molecules dance when once but disturbed

the smaller you go the faster you whirl

some voices are singing a bright lively song

a mirror of birds

a feast of blue notes

a study of nebulous shapes in a sky

a space full of planet revolve around star

god in his wisdom has painted his portrait

in sea and in weather and in fire and steel

we have entered a sound  where colours reversed

overexposed  violins to pure flash

and th’elegies of summers long dead and dying

they linger in synthesis

they dodder in glow

they hang in the air upon heavens rafters

adrift in a wildness alone in a world

i land on the dock with my winged heels oblivion

i surface a dream that has struggle asleep

many the meadow fog dimmed in morning

where raven and quarrel purveying their wares

malignant gnome who breeds in the graveyard

the horrible sprite of an unhappy bride

away from this plane i hasten a’flame

for am i not  son of the spritual spark

i track lonely black oceans as my soul looms on homeward

i gaze at the monsters concealed there within

a dragon of gold with teeth of pure pearl

a lion of marble with jaw inlaid jewel

a beaten statue of baal yonder master

behold at your peril gaze if you will

the summer has left me gasping for springtime

the morning just keeps begging for night

the night has gone within some life

then suddenly

its alright!


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