posted on February 1, 2011 at 5:06 pm

trick or trick

white walls glimpse of barbed wireless control

in the night i march under palms

white cars go by in black night

in the darkness a gun or a bottle or a pipe

3 old wise men bicker over star in a doorway to a youth club

drive from one place to another

i talk talk talk i ride i ride i ride

my lunch arrives a salad sandwich

my dinner arrives a vegie burger too big to pick up

i play my bass sometimes guitar sometimes nothing

i just sing sing sing

well i get pretty tired

its sounding good someone says

my head is somewhere is else

my somewhere collides head on

my other voice sings some words

my other me drops to one knee and strums a chord

my oh my the notes and words all sloshing round in my head

imagine learning all the words to 3 albums

its a big ask

all that bass wow im exhausted as i lie back on this lounge

in our luxury deluxe luxurious rehearsal stage in l.a. baby

my head is fullo jet lag

my head so heavy i loll to one side

eat too much food feel all sleepy

but i type to you in my break

ok thats it for now


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