posted on June 19, 2006 at 5:25 am

aurora says
dad, is it good to be home?
i say
home is where the heart is
i sense she may feel im evading the question
d’ya know what that means ?
i ask her
then i say
it means wherever yer loved ones are thats yer home
she fixes me seriously in her brown eyed gaze
dad, it also means that your heart is your home

i dig my daughters ever so subtle twist on this old cliche
that invests it with a whole new meaning
a lyrical move i go for often, obviously
a big picture evoked just from the slightest
change of preposition
or order of words

the doodles are already writing songs, actually
good melodies and stuff
evie wrote the cup of gleaming hearts
the song starts
“for the family……”
aurora wrote
i dont know what everything is( because thats what i know)
but it pretty much consists of the title sung overn over
its more of a chant
baby scarlet a humming and cooing all day
nk has discovered powderfinger….!!!???
i never thought itd happen
i am neutral towards the finger
i really like some of it
some i dont really like
but shes got a best of and she likes it, apparently
i guess it takes an american awhile to “get” the finger
which could account for their failure to conquer the states
my self
i reckon bernie onstage has a christlike qualiy
a distant stare, a vulnerability
their best songs are exciting and the rock
in unexpected ways
sometimes they seem like bad company
too meatnpotatoes for this old weirdo
lovely geezers
and church appreciators
one said to me (quite surprised)
i met you outside the rock arena when i was sixteen
and you were……(gulp)..nice
of course ian made a record with grant
the far out corporation
i feel a kinship with them
let them rock n rule the roost here in aust
better them by far than some of the silly ones
also doing big here

in fact im gonna stick their record on as i type the rest
if yer a bloke and you like a kinda neil youngy aesthetic
but a more tuneful singer
and some good lyrics
you should check em out
anyway theyre all billionaires
“cant ya put one of MY songs on yer next billion sellin’ record”
i josh haugy but cmon
i could buy a little house if ya just put ripple
or somethin’ on there

anyway nuff of that
as if those rock giants need space on this humble bumble bologg
a nice flight home
sat next a gas geezer from sri lanka
and hes a buddhist
and we’re off
didja know buddha was the 8th incarnation of vishnu
i ask him
yes, but i only read it recently….fascinating….
and what luck
or is it luck
that lord v sends a lovely bloke
that can discuss these things with me
and hes got the 1st hand knowledge
hes sad about the tamil tigers
theyll never win he sighs..nothing can ever happen

my luggage is there
oh god
the stupid sydney quarantine man makes me open my suitcase
all my shirts n underwear n socks n toothbrush n razor n stuff
explodes all over the place
“its the elephant, sir”
jesus, i got a little wooden elephant i bought nk
christ its a change from the day
some goon dusted down my passport n proclaimed
sir there is traces of the following drugs on your passport :
(type yer list here fiendsss)
anyway the wooden elephant is eventually given the go ahead
to enter this fine country
wouldnt want unauthorised wooden elephants runnin’ amok downunder
would we ?
i guess theyre tryin to keep out parasites
i saw a chubby little american boyscout
get his fuckin’ beef jerky confiscated
you just did that kidd a favour mr customs man
australia s the only country where they xray yer stuff
on the way IN ???!!
oh well keep those parasites out
i say

everyone likes their gifts
im not good at buying getting or giving gifts usually
but this comes off well
in the arvo
we have a walk on the boardwalk
and its as if michaelangelo has decorated the vault of the sky
with huge clouds suggesting beasts revolving around above us
mauves turn into lilacs n powder blues
the cold sea like metallic pastel
inspiring weather, fresh air
thismorning i take yon droodles to schooly-wooly
hit the pool
its about 17 i reckon, nicen cold
but not freezing absolutely like saltsjobaden in sverige
that was at least 4 degrees colder than bondi
and its their summer
we are used to warmth downunder
i mean its winter here
but i just did me yoga out on the porch
just in my shorts
and the sun felt very nice on my skinn
anyhow i promised to do something
so i gotta go
click yer heels 3 times and say
theres no place like home
(actually i woulda preferred the emerald city in oz
to kansas…but thats just me)

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