posted on May 30, 2006 at 9:06 am

good on ya belfrank
ya talked me into buying some manuka honey
it saved mah voice
it coated me throat
it gave me the energy
yer olde mum was right
i owe ya another one
take another knighthood
take another childhood
you saved my voices ass
yes yes yes
what can i say
the hchcur were brilliant
we rocked
we rolled
we shook our beatle booties
2 shows
4 hours playin n singin
with a fucked throat
can only thank this miracle manuka honey
got me thru
the london audience were the best
people i say i love you
i love you
i thank you for making it what it was
yes i am an extremely charismatic talented man
handsome debonair suave
possessed with talent in spades
yes thats all true
but what am i without a lovely audience
like you guys n gals
to worship n adore me
and buy my merch
it was nice to meet ya all
it was nice to shake the babies
and kiss yer hands
you were great
i dont know what to say to ya always
you said some kind things
“steve, i just wanna say youre my fave singer ever
and you got me thru divorce/disease/the death of my budgie
ad without yer music i’d be a goner”
me “oh, thanks”
i mean what do ya say when people say that stuff
sometimes i cant cope
and i say goofy stuff
try and joke it away
people we designed this music to move ya
just sometimes its hard to deal with it
when ya tell us…
but i appreciate it
i appreciate you
in swedish
jag uppskatter er
you all mean something to me
we are all in this together
im making the music that you wanted to make yerself
ya just didnt have the obsession that i did
to learn to put it together
but im just doing what we all wanna hear in fucking pop music
you know stuff like feeling and evocation
and ambiguity and invocation
and all those ingredients robbie willy-ams
and fleety streety dont put in their cake
i dont why
its free
the shows were great
it was all goode
no complaints
no rants
people were so nice
chris squire from yes was there
one of the guys from garbage

this smorning
greeted by the horrendous sight
of 4 yankeee waddlers
so fuckin unbelievably fat
2 couples
one black n one white
the chairs can hardly contain em
and theyre tucking into their eggies n bacon n sausages
and croissants n more sausages
fucking turned mah stomach to see these hopeless slobs
feeding themselves to death
no older than me
they then struggled out of their seats
and probably broke the lift
cos these babies werent using the stairs
these blobs need a month on manuka honey
20 laps in the pool
i dunno
cmon say im cruel
but no
i say these things outta concern
stop eating all that shit people
im fucking nearly fifty 2
i rocked for 4 hours last nite
and still had more energy to go
its cos im careful with what i eat
and im careful to keep on moving
i saw some pics of me lassa nite from 2002
what bloated blob i was
before i started my regime
you gotta cultivate vitality
you gotta breathe in the sweet prana that permeates the universe
you gotta walk in the park and talk to the wind
you gotta save a struggling insects life
bless the fledglings in the nests
look at the individual blades of grass
regard the sky with wonder
feel the rain on yer face
get out of yer fluoro lit office
run n skip n jump
me n my doodles e and a
we skip to school everymorning
people say
there goes that olde hippy skipping with yon twinnies
but skipping is hard when ya 52
but its so good for ya
do something people
take up some thing
read the gospels
read the gita
implore lord vishnu to fill yer heart
he cannot resist yer sincere prayers
he WILL speak to ya if ya but ask
if im sitting home and a or e
half heartedly says “hey dad”
chances are i could ignore em
but if theyre screaming n crying for me
if i think they need me
i’ll be there inna flash
the heavenly mother/father is the same
all you have to do is ask
if yer asking in a cynical kinda show me what ya can do way
he aint gonna come
hes busy preserving protecting creating destroying
universes galaxies cosmos
he aint gonna answer yer phone call for some half assed thing
pray with every fibre of yer being
its hard
its hard to achieve that onepointed concentration
i was in rehab getting off the worst junk habit ever
i been shooting black tar heroin
i was so fucked up after 3 days in rehab
i didnt know what the fuck to do
i got down on my hands n knees
i got no pride left
look what i fucken done to myself
im spewing up green bile that burns my throat
im shaking sweating sneezing shivering
i m anxious like all harry
im insomniac
(the quack says mr kilbey
i just gave you enuff sleeping pills to knock out
a fucking horse, dude, i cant give ya anything more)
i cannot take it anymore
every junk starved cell in my body
is screaming in agony
i go down flat on my belly
to symbolise my total surrender
i pray
i say dearest lord vishnu
dearest krishna
sweet govinda
i am yer child
i cant take this
they say that youll never dish out more than we can take
and now i cant take any more
i put it in your hands
if you out there god
if you listning to your sad n fucked up childe
please now is the time…
im concentrating on this prayer 100 %
its my only hope
this is all true
then the lord
by his extraordinary mercy n grace
he came down into my head
filled my heart n body
soothing warm loving unspeakably beautiful presence
my dear child he says to me in a whisper in my heart
lie back down now and sleep
i lay on my bed
i immediately fall into a lovely lucid dream
me n krishna walking the vrindavan, krishna loka
(his own place)
we talk of this n that
i wake up
ive slept for one hour
im refreshed
they fucken bloodtest n piss test me
in the rehab joint
cos they reckon im back on the gear
such was my rapid recovery
of course as my ego kicked back in..
(ego: well of course god would dig ME)
i got sick again
but my sweet lord saved my ass
i dont care if you dont believe this
i know what happened
i dont need to impress ya with some fony baloney
i have never achieved that level of contact since
but i know hes out there
listening to our prayers
consolation available
this is all a test
youre here to learn
god dont intervene
we have free will
he dont strike down the hitlers
or stop the tidal waves
he cant make 2 and 2 equal 5 either
but hes out there loving you thru all yer lives
i had to become a smack addict
i needed some humilty n compassion
i needed to see how the other half was “living”
i had only been a winner
i needed to lose
that was my lesson
i thank the lord for it
i dinnae care bout the houses and studios n cars
n rare fender guitars i put up my arm
fuck that
its just stuff
but it was worth it all
so i got in such a badde way
that i had nothing left
but god
and he was there for me
he’ll be there for you too
and one day
maybe in a million years time
we will see why all the pain was necessary
for our growth
its hard to understand it now
lord why did my daughters have to get cysts in their brains
lord why did ya take grantley from us
why auntie weenie
why god why
its like yer kids asking you why they cant have ten icecreams fer breakfast
guys, you wont understand yet
its for yer own good
i could buy ya ten icecreams
but you wont thank me for it eventually
thats how it is with god
you cant understand her
you cant blame god for the evil men do
thats what this earth is for
to work it all out
its a heartbreaker
believe me, i know
but there IS a reason
dont fall into despair
dont let some idiot in a lab coat tell ya
god is a stimulated cortex in yer brain n nothing more
dont blame lord vishnu for the inquisition
or the holocaust
or yer kitten dying
it doesnt work like that
im not trying to fool you
god is here
in you n me
in everything
we are all part of the one big thing
separation is an illusion
love people n theyll love you
everybody, even hitler, even genghis fucking khan
they all need want love
its an obstacle course
get with it
try yoga
yoke your heart to gods
see where it can take ya
im living proof
i turned it around
anyone can
it aint easy
but its the very very best
the sweetest nectar
the most divine ambrosia
when ya know
it AINT all for nothing
you can write in and quote niels bohr
or kierkagard or nitszcheor whoever the fuck
satre or any other aetheistic “facts” you like
the rishis knew it all ten thousand years ago
the stuff our “scientists” are only beginning to suss
this is all vibration
nothing is really real
we can change things with our thoughts
we can change n improve n become more
than we ever thought
its up to you
its up to me
im heading off to spain now baybee
madrid is calling me
some latin passion
some spanish wine
i love you fiendss
speak to ya tomorrow
stevie k

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