posted on April 13, 2007 at 6:24 am

oh !
theres a killa on the road
when he was a celt then he wore woad
if you give this man a bass
he gonna stagger every place
killa on the road
the badde news there was no jazz
the good news
mr kn terned up with the real absinthe
not that watered down fucking rubbish
we buy in aust n england
and smirk n say
ha ha dude we’re drinkin’ absinthe
no baby
this was the real stuff
you know the stuff that drove them olde poets crazee
well seeing im an olde poet
and seeing im already crazy
ttb has a new fave stage drink
real absinthe n sprite
ooh that cloudy grreen likwid
man we may have bin shabby noisy n under rehearsed
we may be jet lagged n tired
but we rocked
rock rock rock n role
i screamed myself , horse
i went to town on my straddle-various bass
like i had no respect
sks catharsis….
i did yoga poses n qi moves
i did the splits
i jumped i stumbled
i boogalooed n i backed off
who knows about the audience?
3 quarters full i guess
who can fuckin tell with these hung-garians
it was so late by the time we got on
what day is this?
who am i?
oh but today
i feel like 13 sumo wrestlers
have beaten me into a pulp friction
druid they dont call the stuff worm wood fer nothing
what do ya expect from a hung over ne’er- do- well
1st thing in the morning
cos you know im straddlin these contra-dick-shuns
(is he straddlin?)
im gonna have ye olde shower
spiritualise myself
do my yog n my qi
get meta physical
cos youve realised
i am my own opposite
the cleverest n stupidest
the sweaty rocker
n the ice manne
big daddy
the kid
and spooky
i am at the age where i shood no better
but inside theres a teenage hoodlum
who wants to explore the chaos of rock
exploding myths whilst creating knew ones
im ugly im beautiful
im masculine non effeminate
(virgo rising)
im in touch with my inner rascal
and he wants out
let that green genie outta the bottle
straight into my oh positive bloodstream
abuser of substances
fit as a fiddle
grinning grimacing n quoting grimoires
magic manne n class clowne
ha ha
the time beying
the killa
nevets yeblik
stevie jay kay
a nice bunch of guise
who loves ya baby?
who ya gonna call?
oh vee-anna
what awaits us there?
tune in 2 morrow baby
i need liebens raum
i need to conquer this austro-hungarian empire
im outta my tree, spirit
why hast thou not delivered
that which thou hast promised?

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