posted on December 13, 2008 at 9:55 pm

for a free piece of time being cake
send 1000 dollars to me now
inside stamped addressed envelope
your cake will be delivered c.o.d.
or maybe w.h.i.t.i.n.g.
do you have call whiting?
all that sweet green icing flowing down…..
its a windy day here at the wo-mansion
well blow me down with a feather
its sunday
i am still alive (somewhat)
travelling in another place
in the middle of the night
fleeing romance for a breather
i stood n saw
the stars soar across our midnight sky
the moon harnessed to a chariot of clouds
she bestrode that black night a pink empress
the moon rolled thru the night
and appeared naked and unashamed
before all her subjects
an excerpt from a reawakened life
a seamless join
like real upon real upon real
life rewards and punishes
winning streaks
losing swirls
gaining n losing its all illusion
figures moving in columns
one for the angry sea
two for the burning tree
three for the black n empty hole
four for the fading names
five for the crying shames
six for the fix you nix in the mix
copyright greedy sod publishing 2012
dec 21
gonna end it
the two towers
the planes are…..missiles….
the people scream why ? why? why?
the puppetmaster understands their need
will we collide with mars?
voice : yes
what will happen to all my plans?
voice : your plans…ha ha ha….
just over 4 years to go then…..?
voice : 4 years stuck on your eyes
the falcon has been taken from the falconer
the centre cannot hold
the arms cannot hold
the eyes cannot see
what will life be like without us?
voice : who can tell?
stunned i sit backstage caressing my axe
yellow fingers reach out of the sun
the stars seem to pitch and fall
and lo :
the first angel appeared blowing a silver trumpet
and the angel said : see…..i am come….
and he reached into the ocean
and he summoned out the serpent
which came out of the depths in living fire
and it vomited out a black cloud
and the cloud squeezed the sun
squeezing out starblood
and the people still prayed to mammon
whose name is lush
represented by number 11
originating in the east a great storm
and the angel shuddered
crying :
oh that it had to come to this…!
nostradamus sitting in a bar reading his stars
no more queens
no more popes
no more…..
i weep for rome
i weep for babylon
i weep for berlin
i weep for los angeles
i weep for the children
our children
waking up one day without a world
whose fault is all this?
voice : yours!
i should have done something
i should have done something
i must not let the world die
i must not let the world die
next time i will see
next time i will see
will our souls disappear out of this world?
will we the living get the same deal?
will i burn or freeze or freeze to burn?
where can i hide?
voice : nowhere!
what can i do?
multitude of voices : help us help us!
bang! we’re all gone
swallowed up
done in
put down
over n out
is this true?
voice : it is inevitably true
man….that really sucks!

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