posted on April 17, 2010 at 6:54 pm

hallucinating in suite 16
airport inn
the weather is sleeting
sleet such a lovely word
some spring you got here cleveland
some big fat spring
in my opaque window room
with my un-ironed clothes and my un-ironic close
wind howls n prowls outside
in here i get used to my little lonelinesses
pleasant loneliness as i drift off in my reveries
i fiddle round with things ordinary things
like i-this n i-that
have i-succumbed ?
i-dunno (now available in dull grey)
(place expression of interest !)
meanwhile we limber up for saturday nite in cleveland
home of rock
epitome of rock
in a way cleveland is everytown
in a way the church is everyband
in a way tonite is everynight
they say i lost my marbles
but i see the white glow which pierces my hearts nadir
i feel the omnidirectional wake of the spirit
i apprehend the fleeting fractionated implosion of energy
is that death or life then
mornings ease themselves slowly to day
slowly today my mirror beacon
my views of the streets and rhodes
my turning suspending flow of articulated trucks deliver words
i huddle next to the heater
the houses in o’high-oh
some seem so inviting
some seem so foreboding
as we zoom down snow road
i live my whole life inside each house
as me who is not me
a girl going to high school in the forties
her dad who works hard
no tv no drugs no internet no nothing
booze i guess and ciggies yeah
well the winters were cold but the summers were lovely
ohio says kilbey we understand each other
ohio says we have our moods but we have our moments
indiana says ah shuttup
texas says whats going on here!?
california says dude chill!
oregon says i’m not saying anything in this stupid blog…!
washington says put tacoma into one of your songs
west virginia says well………
new south wales says at least better than old south wales
victoria says we got the italian places in carlton on lygon street
nineveh says im here waiting for you steven
rome says we have laid waste the beer rider
greece says greece is the word its got style its got meaning
ur says errr..?
atlantis says ^^^^^^^^^^^^
noahs ark says””””””””””””””””””
mammon says $$$$$$$$$$$$$
the sleet says *******************
the orgy says %%%%%%%%%%%%%%
the train tracks says ===========
leaning tower of pizza says / /

now go home while i do some yoga!


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