posted on December 17, 2009 at 4:01 pm

its midnight in the hotel
the hotel by the sea
the big white hotel on the coastal strip
with the swimming pools and cock-tails
with the little bottles of shampoo
with the complimentary hors derves
with the bottles of water for 8 bucks
with the a/c ya cant switch off
and the internet costs a bomb
but the view ah the view
the indian sea rushes away in murky blackness
little silver points of light
a cop car cruises way down below there
i stand on my balc n blow a number
no one can see me
no one can touch me
no one even knows i’m here at all
i’m the time being whatever that means
the tampered one
the white hippy panther walking by moses side
hey i’m a footsoldier with my killers hands
i sit up here above the world
summer oh i in my element
summer my cloak
summer my apparel
summer my regeneration
summer night by the sea
the ghosts
the spirits
the stories that will not fade
18 floors high
18 floors high
what a life
i turn up to this quarry
its like san diego
the houses all around are fucking gorgeous
i could live in em all easily
the yellow grass
the green lawn in the amphi-theatre
yeah my band rocked of course its a given
yes n my monkey rocked n its a gibbon
and the silent ones spoke in my head
now you will write a song they said
why me i cried
silence said a voice
it was a female voice
the voice of the future
you have been chosen
you have been frozen
you have been in nineveh and lemuria
you have sung the words of the silent ones who have no voices
no voices to sing
no wheels to ride
i should be stumbling down this highway on my boots of steel
time being came the reply
well i live all my lives in my songs
thats where i right my wrongs
but the summer night comes down and kicks out the evening
its black out there
suddenly the internet swallows up half my blog
and i can remember what im sposed to write
too bad
midnite comes n goes
what did you expect
good then
thats what you get

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