posted on December 17, 2009 at 11:47 pm

wake up its a windy day
i got wall to wall indian sea
yachts and ships and sea gulls tossed in the air
the traffic q’s up along the coast strip
gotta get into the office
move figures from one column to the next
the pool man is down there working on the pool
that damn ph balance….
and hes got a uniform he wears each day
as he performs his minor chemical miracles
i wonder if ‘is wife says grrrr i love ya in yer uniform, daddy
and the surf instructors teaching people to surf
and the construction starts up
but im up on the 18th floor baby
i sky high
and i type type type
i got nothin’ better to do except yoga
and when i do yoga gonna play something soothing on my computer
and i’m gonna lean into that yoga hard
like it was wind n i’m on a sailing boat
i’m gonna put all my weight into yoga
because yoga gives back what you put in
and yoga you can depend on
so what else have you got but yerself n yoga
yoke thyself ninny
yoke thyself to thyself or to yer god or to yer universe
i dont care if the void swallows my blogs
i am a perpetual type type type
i am a eternal frame putting yer world into perspective for ya!
hey merry xmas big smiles kate who fights and fights and fights
oh you are a true heroine
and i feel like screaming angrily why why why
oh if i could right every wrong
if i could underwrite every wrong
if i could bring back your loved ones
restore your precious health
lay a fortune on ya
my dearest ones around the world
these words are all i have
yes i am a fake and a fraud
but i am also me
and he cares about you all
all i have are my songs and my stuff
all of it yours*
*conditions apply
its eight o clock in perth
is it the 18th?
its 11 in sydney
elli n minna are 18
gee my daughters sure are fine
eve n aurora rocket up
scarlet kilbey gets into character
a cross between queen elizabeth the first and queen elizabeth the taylor
i mean my mum went to school with jean simmons
and she says scarlets a jean genie
and scarlets got a forehead bulging with brains
i think the aliens got the universe reclining in her hair
why so hard to count our blessings i wonder
i drink gatorade now to prevent dehydration
hardly anyone in the sea
in the indian sea
can you believe it….india?
my india where the hindu gods walking in beautiful jungles
and krishna waits in the forest of vrindavan waiting for radha
oh boy the sound of his flute will drop you in ecstasy
i look out again at the indian sea glittering in western southern summer
remember i am an ENGLISHMAN
so all this is essentially foreign to me
to all you pommies back in blighty
suffering in the grey december void
oh my dears then this is where you limeys wanna be
unless the sweet snow falls for ya
youre sitting in trains in the premature dusk
youre heading up the m13 to knightswater
im a half english/australian mongrel
good for neither
ostracized by both
not one thing or another
a half breed
like scarlet kilbey
she doesnt know how to talk
shes got the old michael hutchence transatlantic/pacific twang
shes got 3 types of pronunciation to choose from
so she does…chooses from em all
she gonna end up talking like keith richards or patti smith..

it just did it again
i tried to publish
it drops the connection
but for some reason half of it has disappeared
this stupid server at this hotel
nice going guys

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