posted on January 10, 2006 at 9:13 pm

i wake up
its six in the morning
already angry sun
focussing down thru
the open windows
its already about 30 degrees
(thats fucking hot in farenheit)
tiotoe outta house
down to pool
already arms and legs
going in and out
even from a distance
the human creatures
can be seen
as they splash in their pool
people say good mornin’ to me
some i hardly know
some i gotten to know
a fraternity of swimmers
a brotherhood of brine
big waves come over the side
the humans all collide
the sea is cold
as it comes over
the side
as its gets closer to nine
the “straights” pull on their disguises
they apply the gel and aftershave and underarm
they shave
they check their abs and flabs
in the smirking mirror
sk jumps in
people going everywhere
a tanned oaf
swims up the down lane
crashes into yer humble breast strokin’ hero
sk gives extra kicky up into oafs tummy wummy
oh sorry mate….you ok…?
uh oh big wavies
1st seen as ominous shadow
as i watch the beautiful patterns
the sand and tide
have arranged on the pools bottom
for bohemian swimmahs to gaze upon
and marvel
suddenly the lines which demarcate the slow
the medium
the fast
and the
jesus mate
what are ya…a fish?
sk somewhat dishonestly is in fast lane
due to less numbers in here
suddenly all the disparate
desperate swimmers
leave their collective
up, slow
down , fast
and the pool
now like a giant washing machine
and mixes
the helpless humanss
tangling em in the floating lines
slamming into the wall
and each other
bugger this for a lark
says ye olde hero
and climbs out
despite shocked looks
from regulars
who know
always does ‘is 20
at least, baybee
but no
id rather do me chi gong
and split
take care of good yon bloggy
get in a banana and date soy smoothie
take the tribe to brekky somewhere
(but its a hottun out there folks)
(im braving considerable uv collateral damage
to bring you todays edish)
my mother says to me all weekend
you look burnt
you look brown
you look too tanned
you do look fit tho
but mum
i ALWAYS wear my hat
i never court that fat ole sun
im stevie hidden
and the shade menne
but the sun has become

we did it
we went and fucked up our own planet!

enuff of that
i hate it when yer rockers
or rollers
start pontificating
you know
that its some real genius
who has the good overview
a word to the wise guys
the real thing
of course
i cannot help but nominate myself
into this rarefied category
after having written loads of songs
who better
qualli fied
than ye olde mee
to sit in his cyber armchair
and put things right
so here goes…
for a start…
i’d like to rant on about….
i’ll spare the gruesome details

just jokin folks
this blog is guaranteed
politicks free
we all agree
that they are unspeakable wretches
we leave it at that

been enjoying my MIMESIS stuff
getting near to finish
maybe jus’ one more track to fix up
in a way musical equiv.
of this goode blogge
polinski and pals
provide lush
while i
tap straight in
and let it out
jlk does b. vox
then poli and men
fuck w/ it bigtime
with all the latest
tricks in the book
i tell you
its the best record ever made
by anyone
and no one
ever will
make a record
as good as this
and thats no exaggeration

the release of the crunches new disc
like a maw
in march
or is it febby?
who knows
is there anyone out there
who didnt download
their own little version
its ok
the damn thing
well over a year old now
the “boys” should do something new
this excites me
we are getting better
contrary to the norm
against all odds
ha ha
who woulda thought that
rock band becomes
more subtle
more gestalt
more involved
more connected
it doesnt normally go like that
i reckon yer gonna like ultc
its chunky
its got muscle
what does it matter
how it came into yer possesh
i aint no school teachah
chasin’ down you little criminals
and pi-rats
we still out here
trying for ya
and we dont aim on
ever disappointing ya
now i wanna get onta
something new
make some new stuff
pull it outta the thin air
which is laden w/ gifts
if we could but grasp ’em
i gotta create something
the crunch are gonna turn a new korner
we gonna meander down the paths
of possibity
we gonna getta
spacerock opera
outta our system
we gotta make a racquet
hail hail rocknroll
is it love
that makes us rock???

now go home

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