posted on December 19, 2007 at 1:32 am

so much bullshit to get thru
humanity generates bullshit like ….er…bulls do
the way every sane and reasonable person
knows bush is a complete catastrophe
and western countries invading other places
will only ever always bring grief
and whaling should be a capital crime
thats right
in a cosmic sense
those whales lives are worth as much
(if not more)
(as if it were possible to measure such things)
than some whaler
with no conscience or basic human decency
who would do his villainous and filthy work
despite everything

i was at the beach the other day
and scarlet was over run by jap tourists
trying to film her, photograph her
or the bold ones
who wanted to stroke her golden curls
or pinch her chubby rosy cheeks
she is truly a living doll
but it is a marvel the way
each race can manage to depersonalize the others
to the extent that other peoples become like “animals”
in that
the rules you apply to your own people
dont hold with these outlandish foreign types
imagine if i walked around in japan
trying to film and touch their children
of course the whites are just as bad nay
probably the worst…
finally a foursome of indians approached her
as she played around in bondis equivalent of muscle beach
i moved in
but they were stroking her face n everything
trying to get her to shake hands
(do they think she was a little dog?)
you see
they would never do that on a beach in bombay
to an indian kid
her parents would be outraged
but you know
everybody is a heathen to everybody else
and doesnt really live like the others
so you know
you can fondle strange kids in parks
drop bombs on em
tell em their god is a joke
make jokes about their stupidity
because they are not like us
almost everyone in the world secretly believes this
although the politically correct will deny it
and others like me
struggling against my natural inclinations
and trying to treat everyone even handedly
will want to deny it
but it is there
at the root of all wars
the mistrust
the distrust
the antagonism
the lies
the loathing
the direct feed of this earths history
how the westerners went round
particularly us english types
and brutalized and raped n pillaged
just about everywhere
just like nappy boner-part
just like the romans did
attila the honey
gengis kahnt
and alexander the grate
and the egyptians
and whoever else
jesus its all there
in this indians prodding at my kid
and theyre lucky its me
cos some kids dads from bondi way
that ive met
would be decking the blokes right now
and asking questions later(maybe)
and then the indians would go home and say
they are all heathens!
anyway scarlet kilbey who is a genius
is getting touched and trying to move her into position
for a bollywood photo opportunity
despite the fact
that i in my cowboy hat n army shirt n sunglasses
almost six foot tall
glaring at them and kinda coughing
they carry on regardless
namaste i say
what? they all say puzzled for a moment
oh namaste yes yes yes they have a good laugh
at my pronunciation
thats ok
their english sounds like spike milligan with a headcold
but thats all superficial stuff
how do you know that word? one asks
but the others continue to paw my daughter
i am so incredulous i fail to stop them
scarlet is looking at me horrified
her eyes say
do you want this to be happening dad?
they quiz me on my hindu credentials
i rattle off a loada stuff
but they laugh and continue to stroke scarlet
the spell broken
i pick her up
when they see us together
they cannot miss the chance
this epitome of aussie manhood
dressed just like a beach bum steve irwin
only scruffier and quoting the gita
and his baby daughter
who although his absolute opposite
in every human characteristic
shes young hes old
shes little hes big
shes female hes male
she looks just like the angry olde fella
whisking her away
please sir…may we
gesturing to their cameras
ready to capture us forever
scarlet n i pose
she gurgles and i glare
she sighs and i sigh angrily
as we walk off
i see a trio of jap or korean old ducks
filming her avidly from a distance
and i’d already made it clear before
it wasnt on!
scarlet is incredibly charismatic
she stops people dead in the streets
to all the overseas visitors at bondi
she is their holiday personified
in the shape of a chubby little girl
i can appreciate that
but it dont excuse the manhandling of my baby-childe
i told you before
of nk literally wrestling evie in a tug of war
with a very determined japanese granny
i think this depersonalisation
is connected with the slaughter of animals
we pretend that they cant really love their precious offspring
the way we love ours
despite our heart which says of course they do
if one takes this depersonalization
to its logical extreme
you end up with only yourself
because you can always find a difference in anybody
i do not exclude myself from any of these criticisms
i am as blah blah phobic as the next man
whatever phobias they got
plus hypochondria
delusions of grandeur
peter pan complex
all of em
and most people
would consider me an ok sorta guy i guess
imagine the bad ones then
theres yer rave for today
subscribe if you havent
and help put the santa snow on my old windows
to all those who have subscribed
i appreciate it
will continue
to knock out
like this

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