posted on May 3, 2006 at 11:14 pm

1st of all
why aint this goode blogge ever in the bloggs of note column?
ya see if ya come in the way i do
via the thingy
theres like a chart
blogs o note
ive never been on there
theres always a readymade index to measure yerself
in the shiny bums you had your rank
im a 5 4th division
im a 8 3rd division
hes a 1 in the second division
in the musick bizz you got yer charts
and now
yer got yer blogchart
blogs of note
and just like all those other indices
i never rate
i want a position!
i wanna be on that ladder
getting a rating
i want my transactions approved by my financial institution
i want my name in the book
i wanna appear on a list
i want honours
(cmon if jagger why not mee?)
i wanna weild my influence
show my clout
muscle in
have my # on the V I Ps speed dial
i deserve this much
dont i?
maybe i dont…
maybe i am just an obscure needle in the haystack
pricking against the kicks
maybe no one cares
maybe its just russell pretending to make all the comments
and fudging mah ratings to make it seem like
somebodies out there……
what if….
am alone
raving to myself here day after day
all this love i put into my blogge
and no one….
no body…

anyway to my hypothetical fiendss
i been thinkin about art lately
art n entertainment
the difference
why john lennon makes me wanna cry
and why robbie willy-ams makes me wanna cry
and why henri rousseau makes me laugh
and why the turkey that won last years big portrait prize
makes me wanna laugh too
why do i so vehemently hate entertainment
specially anything to do with u.s. sitcom
(and ya know what ..? some of the pommy copsnrobbers
is worse than the yankee drivel)
why do we wanna see shows about imaginary police
apprehending imaginary villains over n over again
i dont see anything interesting in robbery murder etc
or the workings of police force
id rather watch a show about carpenters actually…
i hate oprah wind-free type shows…dr fill..all that
jarry schpringer
i wanna kill myself after five minutes of that
csi…gory morbid rubbish
they even gotta live with the coroner show
dissecting bodies..
oh we can tell by the swelling of the thorax that….
no fucking thanks
and they say the church is depressing
now herein is the difference
we make you sad to make you happy
but the other stuff just makes ya sad. period.
actually not sad, but disturbed and down
but no reward
thats entertainment folks
now art can entertain
and (seldom) ent can contain art
but its the intention
i am trying to connect with my audience
something that cant be said
something that is taking a long long time to say
a work in progress
a message never completed
maybe it sometimes entertains ya
i hope so
but thats a bonus
but fuckin entertainment
look what they did with “troy”
whaddya call that?
all that money
all that potential
but they didnt honour the art
they just tried to extract the entertainment outta it
what they saw as the active ingredients
and ya know what
people gonna read the illiad as long as there are people
left to read
but troy is already sitting glumly
on the reduced shelf in woolworths
they didnt honour the art!

sometimes art is a gambit
like seance
the hoi polloi didnae much care for it in 82
but its gone on
attracting new listeners over the long years
being a small part of a body of work
it was a sacrifice for the future
whereas something like troy
thats jus’ gettem in
gettem out
whys it gotta bee that way
lemme make a fucking film
i’ll show em
we’re tired of the tedious tripe yer doling out, hollywould
yer a joke
you never suspend my disbelief
sack jennifer aniston now
shes hopeless
all those ashton kultures
all that crowd
yeah you know who i mean
the ones in the gossip rags
cathy z jones
i dunno all their fucking names
they are anathema
get some extraordinary stories
get some strange
get some fuckin weird n wonderful stuff
jesus the guy who made tarnation did all that on i-movie
how come the hollywould turkeys cant do stuff like that
with all their billions
they aint gotta clue
all they think they know is bums on seats
thats entertainment for ya
like chewing bubble gum
nice flavour for a cuppla minutes
then they all taste the same
and if ya keep going
ya get sick n tired of it fast
blah blah blah kilbee
ya preaching to the con-verted again
so what
i dunno
boycott their rubbish
refuse to have it pollute yer mind
you have the choice i guess
you dont have to watch that stuff
i love you

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