posted on May 1, 2008 at 8:59 pm

may 2
johnnies birthday
his best mates funeral
last night he and i saw iron man at pictures
as a kid i was a marvel comic fan fanatic
i knew everything
i got my little brothers addicted too
and filled my bedroom and theirs with pictures of
the hulk
the sub-mariner
captain america
and yes
iron man
marvels superheroes were a little weirder than dc comics
they were in colour too
when dc were still in black n white
marvel felt more modern and more my style
eventually the tv show came on in canberra
we sang all the tunes
“doc bruce banner
pelted by gamma rays
turns into the hulk
aint he unglamorous”
“namor, the sub-mariner
is the prince of the deep”
“when captain america throws his mighty shield
all those who oppose his shield then they must yield
with a crash and a bash
and bang and a boom
then the red and and the white
and the blue will come through”
ah sweet naivety…..
so i almost feel compelled to see iron man
on one level
john was so hooked on marvel
he collected a whole collection of em
anyway the film was updated a bit
look to cut a long story short
i enjoyed the film …uncouth yobbo that i am
laughing n cheering as robert downey jr
perfect as the dissolute tony stark
gave a few villains what for
saved a little boys daddy
invented a few impossible gadgets
seduced skeptical female journos
and still discovered he loved his faithful secretary
gwynny pal-trout as pepper potts
jeffy bridges is simply splendid as the wicked obediah
look folks it wasnt citizen cane
but it was a lot more fun
even though i will probably never think of it again..
on the music side of things
i am really giving the twilight singers a good flogging in ipod
i have 2 albums by them
both are obsessively good
greg dulli from new orleans….man he can really sing
and the lyrics are very good too
sneering biting passionate dark n devilish
and some beautiful lines too :
“when darkness falls on summer skin
and in your absence i will begin”
“once i was invisible for all the world to see
i travelled through the ether
on the blood of my enemies”
you can see why i would like that
these 2 records growing on me
and then exploded into my consciousness
so now almost anything else i listen to
the twi singers got it trumped…
the music is really really nice too
yes i know i must go forwards n get gutter twins saturnalia
and back n recheck the afghan whigs
i promise you if you like the church
you would definitely like the twilight singers…
its incredibly intimate one minute
it becomes spooky it becomes voodoo-ey
its sexy and slinky and down and dark
its very new orleans to me
in the shadows and light that flee across these songs
in the strange angry and sad and stoned characters
living behind the words
nk has been heavily digging them too
asking for it to be stuck on her pod
i like both albums as much as the other
powder burns is more powerful than the other
its choruses are beautiful surging emotional blasts
its world is underground n labyrinthian
the other one is more subtle more swampy or something
i tell you verily
there is not one dud song on either record
i dont know anything about em
except mr dulli is a little chubbier these days
than when he starred in a beatle pic as john lennon
(which he makes an ironic allusion to on powder burns)
i see him as fellow traveller
these 2 records are 2 of the best rocknroll records you ever heard
trust me!!
hours n hours of listening pleasure guaranteed
i accord all accolades to the twilight singers
the true spirit of rock lives on
oh i’d love to play bass in this band
thanks markus s for turning me on to them

soon we going to say goodbye to mc
im gonna sing a song
hope i dont start bawling again like in hosp.
trying to sing with a big lump in my throat
i dont want it to be about me
yet i have to sing (his fambley asked me)
so i wanna sing
but i want people to think about him
not me…
and even as i write these words
i know that they will

more tomorrow

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