posted on May 10, 2007 at 9:48 pm

put the poddy on shuffle
the go bes come on second
cmon grant….its a robert track…you can do better than that
yessaday you came up with even as we speak n something
off in your bright ray
now we have that amazing singer
the australian woman from dead can dance
liza gerrard?
lisa gerrard?
she sings like a wailing sybil prophetess
in a language of her own
pure genius
this track offa italian compilation
an italian guy gave me
is just her n a string machine
im sure i written bout it before
astounding stuff…
now comes another one my ipod likes to throw up
the auteurs who are ok
the english press made a big fuss over them
i can remember (jealously) from the past
when silly things like that mattered to me
or whoever thought they were me
before i
the real me turned up
the house of love are next
who i dont mind
tho i understand the “similarities’ between
the church and these guys
but i think its circumstantial
and by priest = aura all similarity
with this innocous stuff was gone
i mean
i wanted more than these sometimes lukewarm numbers
cant see the name of the track from ‘ere
and it aint worth bovvering standing up for
next ah ha
yes this is good
the king of nails
remote control will come in handy for this
its good but its not making me listen to it so
goodbye goodstuff
bob dylan doing
when the night comes falling from the sky
i reckon when the knight comes falling from the sky is better
this song is hopeless
sang in a silly voice n all
bobby your best is the best
but your worst is the….pits
cos we know what it coulda been
ride like a daydream
like the byrds with more ambient guitar cushioning
love this ride
but hated it when you could actually hear the awkward stuff
they were singing
saw straitjacket fits blowem offstage in my opinion
in sydney in 1991
still its fresh n vibrant
like my brand of killers herbal toothpaste
coming to merch stalls near you
ride finishes n the next thing could be anything
i give up
silver apples
those apples spoilt the whole bunch
david bowie
lovely song
what does this mean tho…?
taking it all the right way
keeping it in the back
and whole loada ridiculous
(i realise now)
soulisms like gimme gimme
sho nuff
get down
jonesy was discovering his inner funkyman
and we stood for this bollocks…?
ohh lawdy momma….!
transit by biosphere
dark heartbeat in virtual street
things gently clang in the mist
but something nasty is in there
amon duul 11 from wolf city
crazy krautrock hippy dribble
tablas sitars
things going sweeesh
mellow tron
still sounds like something id have liked to have done
good on ya amon!
se a cabo
what does that mean you spanish types?
santana from abraxas
nostalgia it reminds me of being 16
some exciting stuff here
1st latin rock fusion
my dad said
its just bloody rock music with some geezer playing bongos
ha ha dad
funny how those things stick with ya..
gee im enjoying this
my foots tapping
its infectious
and its suddenly over
in comes slowly
who are simply the creme de la creme of instrumental music
recommend everything
sad euro hemi-themes
drifting in ether
music for rainy afternoons
and aching nights
do yerselves a favour
if melancholy beautiful music is yer thing
check out yellow6
the walker bros singing wheres the girl
is this guy the best male singer of all time or what?
tho i loathe his last album im sorry to say
ah in comes george harrison
beware of darkness from beware of abkco
a boot of georges demos
ya know i LOVE george dont ya
his modesty
his lovely voice
his good looks
his innovation
his lovely melodies
n words that were just right
fuck i miss ya george
you were a saint!
right up my alley
but dont wanna write about em
but theyre really good…
ah lovely stuff
you should be listening to this
glittery marshmellow liquidic little number
cant hear the words n its better that way im sure…
it explodes in a white lighty climax
and sinks back into its gentle self
amen shoo geezers
brett smiley
what the fuck is this bullshit?
lisping coquettish mincing with orchestral swirling
loadsa words coming at ya
its ….interesting
there comes a time in every spaceboys life
sings brett
all mars n guitars n stars n spaceface love
hot sex n chariot choogle droogie
a moonage wetdream
oh i really like this
trojan blue by icehouse
the juxtaposition of a condom brand name
n the the perishing world of troy
youd like this one
the finest treasures of kings
all those precious things
they never tempted you
how could you bear to look on
as they burnt for you?
oh theyre good lyrics i reckon
and full points for any greek references…
the verve
neon wilderness
boy he lost his judgement
trying to turn into neil diamond before our eyes
whod a thunk it
this still in good days i guess
then its dire straits
and some boogie woogie bollocks
yeah yeah
the sultanas of schwing mark 7
some straits i like
but this straits is strickly for the “straights”
i have time for one more of this foolhardy execise
so it will be oozing significance
for all of us
and it is
grant mclennan
do you see the lights
i swear on the life of my children
that is the track which came up
and fact is stranger than fiction
howcome im not surprised?
and its got timbo playing drums
oh i gotta hang in for one more now
see if theres anymore to this
ok shuffle
give us
david bowie
doing black country rock
in which he imitates marc bolan
complete with bolan bleat n guitar figure
there is significance here
im sure

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