posted on May 16, 2007 at 11:02 pm

and then one of white hippy moses disciples
oh mangey panther
i have a question that troubles my heart
and white hippy moses
and saw it was bon bon who had asked
speak up childe
if i can i will answer you
and bon bon spoke with trembling voice
oh wise guy
he said
how does one make love stay
and white hippy moses
said ah…..
first you must make friends with love
and then you must supply love with every necessity
bathe her precious feet in your scalding tears
make your softened heart her pillow of stars
bring her cloudberries with ambrosia and nepenthe
petition her with music and memories
refine yourself
purify yourself
make yourself worthy in her house
speak soft and just words
be a man of peace and light
wear simple garments
do not be afraid to be naked in her presence
reveal yourself as you hope she would be revealed
leave your jealousy behind for love has many lovers
bring love your truth and honour
bring love your finest self decked in joy and laughter
try hard for love, do your best
for love is easily offended
and can depart in a single moment
alas, never to return….

and the people who heard his words
knew they could be true
and all hastened to their own houses
to renew the search for love
sweet sweet love
forever and ever
ah man

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