posted on March 14, 2008 at 4:38 am

whatever they rolling down the pipe
those little machine elves baby
they got some geometric mischief up their sleeves
things getting laid on mmm my word
im sorry i cant say
magic must be concealed n its better that way
dont want em banging on my door of perception
dont want their dystopian tube intrusion
i woke up n steve kilbey was waiting for me
i pulled on my suit
exited quietly
hell some of you know the rest
i have borrowed large chunks out of john erskines autobiography
” a black magician at the white spirit gate”
this is a real publicaion
everything they told you was real
it was real
mine have been the lies
before they take me in n under
not under their avuncular wings im afraid
but under narcosion
into imma-therapy
they beat the eschaton outta me
whos talking now, mr kilbey
you sir are quite mad
houdini never escaped time
the wright brothers crashed on my sofa
leonardos parachute are falling out of the charts
erskine was born
kilbey was born
determined to fly this time
kilbey has icarus fixation
plans are conceived far out of my hands
the things i imagine are real
give him 20 mls of pentathol, dr mercurius
ah ha
see his triptomorphones have stabilized
esoteric to the end
spirit what is it?
marys little lamb which lay down with the lions
but the lions ate them both
kilbey why do you ruin everything says erskine
in his book
but my father walks down the streets in sunny tropical london
he just met my mother
and hes happy that we just gave jerry and fritz what for
and now we can all be friends again
my father said to my mother
our son will write blogs on the internet
he will burn cds and smoke dmt
he will make priest equals aura
he will suffer carpal tunnel syndrome and tinnitus
he will worship vishnu and krishna and jesus and buddha
he will….
suddenly the screen goes blank
robert lurie n john erskine are arguing
over my dead body i think
as i lie in this coffin
no no no says lurie
les kilbey had floppy brown hair and yellow teeth
his mother was jessie bellette
his favourite thing was a knees up round the old joanna
his world was the muted grey skies of london
the cold mornings fixing watches in some dim place
erskine begs to differ
kilbey began to notice it was all going wrong in 1973…
74 ! lurie interjects shaking his red haired head
in 73 his father married a swedish woman
one of a set of twins..
no she was norwegian says someone out of range
you could get a good scandavian mail order wife in them days….
the police knock at our door
mrs kilbey
your son just burned down maggie hill
and shot a bird with an air rifle
and wrote a rude letter to a girl at his school
wait a minute says lurie ..peter koppes was the school captain
wrong says nick ward
the school captains name was
in the future bill nelsons is working on the summer of gods piano
in 1984 im in a basement in stockholm looking at all that snow
i smoke some african weed that stina has found for me
i work on songs that ricki downloaded into my ipod recently
karins brother olle plays the flute
grant mclennan sits in a bar in melbourne
smoking a stuyvo n drinking some red
aurora kilbey yet to utter one word in her jimmy stewart voice
jennifa coyote reads the news and drives her new car…
erskine interrupts here
but the adyar bookshop
the covens
the addictions
the cover ups
richard ploog and the illuminati
yes yes
coming to that
the hippy days
the turnaround
the redemption
the walking in the sun
the masterpiece
the vindication!
les kilbey tinkers with a piano
and paints the walls lilac
his little son says his first word
and its

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