posted on March 16, 2006 at 11:42 pm

goode morning, blessed devotee
today im angry
still fuming about the cg
whatta loada baloney
whatta waste of money
whatta a completely infuriating debacle
i tell ya one thing about the fucking “straight” world
its a bluff, baybee
its a bluff
do ya think the imbeciles who organise things
know what theyre doing?
i tell ya they dont have a clue..
i’d been chosen to put on the cgs
do ya think it coulda been worse
if i’d hired a buncha acrobats jugglers dancers
gymnasts boy scouts pyrotechnicians and schoolkids
and said
heres a buncha random costumes
put em on
get in the arena and run around
willy nilly
helter skelter
higgedly piggedly
what if i was the prez of the US fuckin’ A
could i have fucked up iraq worse than bush
could i have been more unprepared for new orleans
could i make more gaffs
be more ignorant
less travelled
less cultured?
the whole fucking “straight” world
is bluffing us, my fiendss
they do not know what the hell theyre doing
they never fucking have
the monarchs of europe
the caesars
the inquisition
the Church (the other one)
the generals
the whole fucking lot
theyre all “straights”
they bluffing ya
they bluffing us
i tell ya what baby
you come and see the chchru
we KNOW how to play
we been dedicated to this our whole lives
we not fuckin’well pretending
we werent hired by an interview committeee
of more “straight” bluffers
we not having you on
im telling ya
observe em
watch em become ministers
about things they know nuthin about
watch em put on huge expensive ceremomies
for dead empires
run by and for “straights”
watch em getcha involved in wars
getcha killed
and then commision a “straight”
to build a lovely cenotaph
for our glorious dead
yeah you motherfucker
it was real glorious
lying in a trench in france
19 and my body trampled into the mud and shit and blood
fuck em
i hate em
the whole fucking lot
tired of their rules
tired of their news papers and gossip rags
tired of their aggression
i dont care if ya the ayatollah
or the prime minister of england
theyre all the fucking same
only the beard and suit is different
theyre bluffing
they wanna control ya
they dont love life or music or real liberty
they tell ya what ya can n cant do
they getcha involved in bullshit
they tax ya
they bomb ya
theyre are anathema
they are the enemy
dont believe it
dont believe em
do ya know the only unanimous motion in parliament?
a motion to raise politicians wages
they all voted yes
olde ugly bloated evil controlling lying scum
fuck your world
fuck your slavery
fuck your empire
fuck your glory
fuck your facelifts and botox
fuck your war
fuck your smart bombs
fuck your spies
fuck your meat
fuck your academy awards
fuck your cigarettes and martinis
fuck your taxes
and fuck your cg ceremony
dont try and ameliorate the situation w/ me
if you feel that im being unfair
if you feel like you could be
a bit of a “straight”
then fuck you too
fuck off
and dont darken my fucking blogge again
thatss it
i aint bluffing
ive had it with em
im mad as hell
and im not gonna take it
boheemian till the day i die

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