posted on March 6, 2012 at 8:41 pm

mans laughter


effigy of your love

orange in the marine night as gossamer burns

watercolour all blurred

the wind is almost worn out

torn through iron balustrades

cut into pieces the spume and spray

a storm blows itself  apart

the lights in the valley glimmer on

they’re watching tv

they’re washing up

they’re sleeping

they’re dreaming weird new combinations

in nightmares of haze and struggle

in visions of naked angels

in thoughts of impossible stuff

i dissipate early

my resolve smeared on black paper

my industry strikes out

my method of operating unravels by itself

well theres the distance

well theres the green and blue hue and sea cry

well theres the suntan which is hideous in negative

cars always arriving and always leaving

i wish i lived everybody’s life

i wish i was speeding into rain

i wish i was lush and plush in a cushy car

minds are lost in the valley

dead spider suspended over the path with her tiny dead pearls

the gate is rusty and it sticks

the kitchenette on the billboard over the road …have i been there..?

in the shop the pop is flat

in the flat above the shop sits pop

my headache takes some time off in the shade

its not talking to me since i hurled it into the sea


but i’m talking to myself

that is to no one in particular

it doesn’t matter

you think it did but it doesnt

you wish it mattered because if it doesn’t matter…then what does…?


which is good and bad

duality is containable within deep minds

my shallow groove is however disrupted

only sleep can erase knowledge like magic

only sleep can wrap you in blackness

only sleep showing you all the different could have beens

and my fond regards….



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