posted on November 8, 2010 at 9:37 pm

warp n woof

silver lining up

on nights like this with sudden squalls

i cant be bothered trying too hard to harden this carapace

this car apace with liquid space

oh i flow

theres is more than this

oh i know

it lasts the dark pasts

lightening the under

over and over

evening arrival of the white hot chocolate stars

their noise drowns out the blackness

memory of today while it was everything  i will forget

the rain cannot hold itself back any longer

it falls with its diamond flashing glints

mostly black though and unseen

it is an implication rather than fact

it is sleep personified a thousand tiny times it hits

goodnight then

i travel through a storm in this accelerating house

and the vistas burst open

revealing what is to be


what it is to be hold it

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