posted on August 1, 2012 at 7:09 pm

golden winter

man swims in pleasure

man drowns in pain

man kills for fun

man they insane

day over night

night over day

august on julie

julie noted

well i came into town one evening like a real clown

at a bar called the fountain of delights i spent my nights

carousing with women you see in their vulnerability

a captain of industry like me you see subtle with my accuracy

oh i picked up my axe and i started to wail

come back kitty cat get me outta this jail

you trash talking titanic terra bound star

i’m cold in this rain while you drive in his car

my heart is the ocean and the motion of it makes me sick

my spirit is an eagle more regal than a finch

my mind is a masterpiece someone casually smashed

my total is a scramble where everything is hashed

only god who walked among us can ever heal thy grief

worship him with flower or with water or with leaf

whisper any of his name they all the same

think of him let him in let him come let him come

oh i get the shivers and quivers when the immanence delivers

but then it hurts when its over where the emptiness drove her

i follow down a dark thread in my head lying in her bed

in deeper hue the two of you

the jack of wands

lily ponds





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