posted on March 6, 2011 at 10:56 pm

autumn sooner

midnite in australia

words fill up my head

my vain brain torments itself like picking a scab

gonna hurt my pain

think of you again

i thrash out my time through colour on paper

the photographs of our memories have faded into woodwork

the stars are behind the light violet clouds

someone arrives downstairs

a door closes and all is silent again

finally kick one goal and i’m jubilant

on almost everything i am divided

a civil war between the men and the women

casualties casually staggering up the evening, primrose

oh its still warm

the back door is open

the kids are asleep

the black cat nips around like a panther on angelfruit

wow some instinct hurls him about

attacking stuff and feinting and rolling around like a kung fu star

my eyes hurt in this computer electric light

my blurry eye opens out light like a sun

i wipe away at smears on my lenses

but my vision is been dimmed

sometimes i do long for rest

wake up somewhere else someone else sometime else

in australia its 12

the witching hour has commenced

they say my house is haunted now

will i still get my bond back?

i have seen her too

that ghost out the corner of my mind

i dont care one way or the other

luck can change

everyones a player

the dice fucking rolls

66 66 66

round the board you go

your credit card has demagnetised your room key sir

your message has been deleted

invite your friends to join you on some new sight


one of my minds just blew a rotor

we can still land on just one

oh dear its the left one still working

thats it for tonight then



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