posted on October 20, 2008 at 8:49 pm

1st of all
i do not know how they can be selling painkiller for 2.95
because wherever theyre getting em from
theyd be paying the wholesale price
whichd range from 10 to 12 bucks
so its possible that theyre deliberately losing money on it
to give you a good deal so you’ll buy more stuff there
or its a mistake
or some weird third possibility
but if you wanna go ahead n buy one
its ok
alls fair in love n war
thank you to the people who generously subscribed yesterday
i appreciate it
it will enable me to go on writing for you
some of you are very very generous
i will endeavour to keep the standard of writing high
i apologize to my friends n readers
for the stupid attacks
queen hazza-shotput put it best
and i cannot castigate this rascal any better than her winged words
he seems infuriated by your “love” for me
is it because he deems me unworthy
or does he want that love himself?
what is his axe hes grinding to prompt this vicious untrue vitriol?
look i hate to be criticized of course…dont we all?
but i wont delete it
but i’ll delete unwarranted attacks on my dear patrons and subscribers
i walked in the manly boatshed the other night
and when i saw mission there….i felt like it was gonna be alright
hes a bloody lovely bloke…a real diamond geezer
why do i wanna see him attacked for being my mate?
eekie has loyally supported my artistic career since it began
encouraging me
sending me a load of art bits n pieces
shes swallowed losses when we were ripped off
shes worked tirelessly to get my exhibition ready
and shes not afraid to tell me i’m wrong
this wonderful lady has made my painting career happen
almost single handedly
you dont think it makes my blood boil to read that bloody tripe…?!
my people
you made me proud
you handled yourselves with aplomb
with witty n pithy answers
i applaud you
and so we wonder who this nuisance is
and i gotta good idea
think someone who is disgruntled with me
think an american bloke….maybe a musician…?
am i getting warm?
actually i dont care
lets just ignore ‘im
and i’ll delete his dribble as i find it…

my brother russsell has a doco on sbs on wednesday night
i am so bloody proud of him n amy his missus
they took a negative thing
and turned it around
they gambled on an outcome
they persisted
they had faith
they spent their own dough
and voila!
a doco on telly
go on…if ya think its easy…you try n do that!
russell…look after me when you hit paydirt olde son
or i’ll be givin’ ya the mal tern-balls treatment on here
envy n scorn
and i gotta lot more dirt on you than him too!!
seriously tho
congratulations my bro
i love ya
you done us proud!

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