posted on September 23, 2006 at 8:53 pm

your beloved leader thanks his people in advance
for all your good wishes n love
n future gifts of space* music
many of you have asked
“where are you leading us?”
when you know my way is to meander
here n there
there n here
round n about
wrong way up one way streets
pointing at the sky but earthbound
wild goose chases
telepathicistic voyage
im taking you to n bondi
im taking you to cythera
im taking you to my heart
im taking you to each other
im taking you to yerself
im taking you to a little place i know in babylon
king nebby recommended it
its called the lions den…
im taking you across little egypt
im taking you to the cleaners
im taking you under with me
im taking you down the garden path
im taking you back
im taking you up on yer offer
im taking you off
im taking you on
take on me
take me on
ha ha a ha ha
white hippy moses aint got no clear destynation
i told ya we was lost years ago, milesago
prepare ye the way of the druglord
eo hippus
dawn horse
the long night of the “straights” is coming to an end
cant you feel it in your aerials n antennae
the hippies will burst back in a floral megasplosion
we will seize control of the infrastructure
even tho we dont even know what it is
we’ll live in solar powered wigwams
travel by thought
we’ll contact the nature spirits again
who will shower us in fruits n veg
we will live in the shuddering trees
we will ride the astral wind on the back of a dream
lives will be lived
stories will be told
magnificent chambers defying description
we will call down baal n zeus
cos olde g. hovah aint doin’ it for me no more
we will transcend our starflesh in orgies of organioid compounds
we will swim in skyriver
we will make love during the 1000 year andromedan nights
we will burn our noses snorting cosmic joy dust
we will be sore from caressing angels
we will traverse the endless spaces and never despair
we will all be geniuses
we will be young forever
we will all be as beautiful as the gods n goddesses themselves
what are you waiting for?
can you dig this mess baybee face?
i am the grey eyed pied piper of hammerin
the mountain is openin’
tir na nog
the garden of earthly delights
the back alley of unearthly delights
pleasure domes
decompression chambers
ensuites with jacuzzis
gold plated parking space
asteroidal vacations
immediate opportunities
vacancies for staff
openings for the right spirits
white spirit gate
have ya got it yet?

*if its not space , its disgrace

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