posted on October 20, 2011 at 6:19 pm

priest to cat

i exist in past so deep

so wide inside where wishes keep

and hide themselves from lights of day

the moon my sun for i live somewhere else

at night getting changed into stranger

i loiter in the shadow of madder lake ache

transformation of the face

howling leopard claws out of saint no saint

transformation of the body

i slink away into distant memory

a dull and uncertain threat sustaining through weary years

inside every beast that contains no man

they cut it open but it is empty

then they cut open the emptiness but it is unbearable

hidden there monsters like me from far antiquity

a museum of screaming gargoyles all unmarbled

i am the cat man in feline flux and fur

i am sick and old and hungry like hell

i visit the sleeping dead in their disturbing dream

and return to morning

still half kitty




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