posted on April 13, 2006 at 11:42 pm

happy goode fryday
you holidaying fiendss
sk has no holidaze
everyyday the same to him
so i envy n pity ya
in equal proportions
gotta feeling todays bloggo maybe
ye olde mixed bagge
in which i pontificate on things
as if anything i can say
will make any difference
but inna way this science of blogging
is a miracle for me
cos (not that ive ever read another one in my life)
im a blogger at the top of his game
im ALMOST a better blogger
than lyricist
and didnt i declare myself the winner
in that field too
i am the judge
the jury
and the recipient
of my systems idea of justice
yes i am a harsh critic
but i apply that to myself
only half a dozen songs
this olde wordsmith dropped the ball on
for a quarter of a century
some people have written better lyrics
than me
but have they kept it up
record after record
in fair wind n foul
i never wrote my songs down to ya
i dont write my bloggs down to ya neither
its like yer sittin’ here with me
9 50 good friday
we both been to the icebergs
we did our laps
the water was PERFECT
the temp is about 77 degrees
its nicensunny but not ultra cookin ya
im sittin’ here in the internet joint
the one run by the jap girls
im a f%^&$ing regular here, joe
thats mah machine you be usin’
ah thats better
i putta lotta thyme into this computer here
and its startin’ to love me back
i am programming it with my will n intent
i watched the preposition
by nicky cave last nite on dvd
fair bit of tomato sauce, i’ll grant you
but um
in the end
i felt like i’d wasted the time n interest
i’d spent on it
sorry nicky
but i did love your book
and recommend it
along with the boatmans call
which i really like
but not the one that came after that
where the singing went up an octave
and it sounded fuckin ridiculous
and the lyrics were a little twee
(kittens in laps ,puhlease,yer sposed to be the prince of darkniss)
but im very proud of ya generally
(as if he cares what i think!?)
and shows that australians
are capable of things
that some other countries cant do
but he sure is a maverick
i think hes capable of anything now…

yeah its good friday
the day they nailed our saviour
why is it good friday, daddy?
whats good about it?
well sweetheart
its good because
the bad guys got jesus
but he hadda die for our sins
so it was good he died
in a bad way of course

look fiendss
i know one thing
i read the bible
cover to cover
i know what jesus message is
its so simple
be a good guy
love everybody as much as ya can
do no harm
try to love god a little…
thats really it
but religion has so complicated this
so the same kinda idiots who nailed jc up
in the 1st place
the important pollys n priests
so they could use this to get hold
of the hoi polloi again
by the balls
with a whole lotta mumbo jumbo
latinate ritualistic supersticious
who can follow any of that
where did that happen in the gospels
its accretion kids
look that word up sonny jim
it means that blokes added their own trip
onto the inspired bits by the real deal
so you get yer c of e
yer catholics yer baptists yer luths
yer methos yer presbos
yer united church of upper downs
i dunno
where is that stuff in the bible?
ya see
when i read jesus words
(or whoever the fuck said them
it doesnt matter to me
someone had these thoughts
they are revolutionary
heart stabbing thoughts)
when i read em
i feel its all so easy
i feel so good
heres the message
take it easy baybee
thats it
if you genuinely take it easy
everything else will take care of itself
people taking it easy
dont interfere with other people
taking it easy themselves
simplistic maybee
but true nonetheless
same as buddha said
just sort yaself out dude
dont worry bout him or her
forget yourself
and youll remember
buddha actually never said anything like that
thats my attempt at wryly
transliterating some of the pali sutras
for ya
ha ha
you know what i mean
i can put it in some fancy latinate for ya
whaddya want that for
thats it
go out there and be nice
its easy
so make it easy on yourself
cos breaking up
is so very hard
to do

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