posted on April 8, 2007 at 2:11 am

east of sunday
in a bizarre n seemingly random universe
opened up by ritualized movement
the eagle fills me with sight
oh renewal
oh rebirth
i see all the beautiful places
no longer existing
the green and tree lined street where i lived
in biblical times
those white white houses
in the nice part of jerusalem
oh yes there some nice parts
cool arbours fountains amazing views
music the cabbala my furniture
it was our present
our everyday
we knew no other
we enjoyed the luxuries of warm nights
a warm night is universal language
an evening descending
like your lover coming down a spiral staircase
oh words fill your mouth with praise
to me everything is personified
im having relationships with inanimate objects i hardly know
the wires are shrieking out to me
as i past
as i am transformed in the liquid time
gliding down the years
i remember this day long ago
this very easter sunday
waking up on a camp bed beside my parents
and finding a little box of chocolates
with an egg in the middle
as smart as i was i never tried to decipher the symbology
i didnt stop to ask about what it all meant?
a chocky is a chocky is a chocky
and my father said all these things that made the ladies laugh
and i wanted to make all the ladies laugh too
but when i got my chance it never came out right
easter meant a big crowd
and now i realise they were all drinking…
is that why the ladies were all laughing?
i watched a film of this period
everything swaying 46 years ago in an orangish glow
the men in white shirts n greased back hair
all clutching big dark cold beers
the women all sit together giggling
as the camera man (my father)
swoops in and films their legs
occaisionally a little freckle faced kid
with dark hair runs about thru the frame aimlessly
hey thats me
i didnt even know i was the time being then
but some awful restlessness was gnawing at me
i dont know why you should care
and maybe you dont
my childhood was still more enchanted
and im so grateful to the people who made it all possible
made it possible for me to be a childe
and for me to indulge in my long imagineering
when i’d disappear for hours with a deck of cards
or a bag of marbles
later on i got a double breasted pinstripe suit
and wore it to uncle ken n aunty irenes wedding
then a few months later
i wore it to my 1st girlfriends big sisters christmas party
and i stood on her verandah as they all laughed at me
in a nice way
cos i was wearing a suit
and there was a guy there called claudio
and he was playing wild records on the record player
and he was younger than me
but he seemed infinitely more groovy
t t bs questing beast :
finding guys who are “groovier” than him
and slavishly admiring them
you know i do it with sam s
n a few others
the past is waiting
very patiently
for us
theres something in it for you
if you dare enter another mans past
oh easy there…!
take off your shoes
and dont trample my memories sunshine
its easter sunday eternal
palm trees the passover
christ riding that little donkey
just like it says he would in the old test
they cheer ya one day
they murder ya the next
such is the fickleness of fame
jesus who wrote such good lyrics
to hits like
ah…just forgive em
hey try n love that bastard a little
the meeks shall inherit the world
and you laugh laugh laugh
didnt you
you say
oh man dont give me jaysus sk
no no no
no proselytizing here on my blogge
you know
this man was something good
even tho bad guys twisted it bitterly
the original man was very nice
or whatever
you dont take religious advice
of an olde washed up pop singers blogge do ya?
my advice is open up to possibilities
thats it
youve created a veneer
but its keeping you in
as well
as keeping it out
a guy made a million bucks by thinking of
dont worry be happy
it was there for the taking
like a ripe fruit fulla money
people wanted to pay to hear him say it
dont worry be happy
im suddenly distracted
ice formations glitter in my minds eye pod
i dont care how its spelt
im spellman not spell-man
spellman was a guy i could admire
with his hair n clothes
boy what a dandy
i’d hate to meet him these days
oh there were a few of those local legends
always in the thick of things
wherever it was all happ’nin’
there they were
backstage with the band
or at the mall with some girls
or in the winning footy side
or catching the biggest waves
always dressed just right
in bone cords n houndstooth flannely
with suntanned feet
and sunblonded salt twisted hair
i am but a shadow of these guys
these long gone half imagined idols
hanging round bowling alleys
drinking fanta
and waiting till the girls from another school arrive
can you play a guitar
no but im trying to learn
im too skinny for football
and i cant see the sense in getting hurt
for a stupid fucking ball
i cant bear to see my pretty face messed up
thats why i always declined a fight
i seen a busted nose n a black eye
and i liked my nose nice n straight as it is
and my teeth even though they were a bit yellowish
with white patches at the front
well i didnt wanta lose em in some fight
better to lose face
than lose ones face
thats my saying
you can use it if you want
but please credit me if you do
its just common courtesy isnt it?
im gonna go n have a falafel with my brother john
bye now

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