posted on February 9, 2013 at 4:07 pm
orange as warm

orange as warm

saturday afternoon in bondi becalmed

warm grey windy day

think of old times think of the past

think of the band think about music

a door opens to a warm rainy summer somewhere then

but it can never take me back in

memory fade slow burn out to pure white in negative black

no avail no avail

girls clomph thru bondi in high wedge shoes

they look like galloping hippopotami

as they race up Campbell Parade hailing a cab

the place is packed with cars ice cream chips fish gulls swimmers

kids dogs bouncers spruikers deadbeats hippies spaniards

swedes by the bucketload yibber yabbering up Hall Street

cops and beggars and looneys and saints

inside the shops do the jostle

buy a slurpee or  a surfboard or board shorts or wetsuit

you want thai food haircut manicure pilates tattoo?

you want frozen yoghurt gelato full cream haagen norgen NZ ice?

you want cigs wigs coats clothes bikinis wax brazilian mexican vietnamese ?

you want hustler fumbler crook and society bitch in her black land crusher 4wd

you want surfer graffiti skater biker bikie surfie grommet and boob jobs?

you want botox shots parking ticket bottle shops prams tourists ?

you want celebrities nobodies somebodies has beens never was?

you want salt sand umbrellas pines palms g-strings tits n ass?

you want cafe bar restaurant brunch tapas aioli rocket boutique beer?

you want phony flaky lousy silly awful funny curious blase fucked up?

you want real estate agent and waverley council ranger?

you want one way street you want eternal construction machine?

you want home renovation all around the street and wild parties?

you want rich man poor man bored man thief?

or what?

me …i just dont care at all…


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