posted on January 19, 2008 at 4:52 am

second night with triffids already last night
my voice going going almost gone
there is an art to “belting” i obviously havent mastered
my brother jlk leaves phone message today
good….but now yer voice is shot…..
yes oh dear hes right
my normally resonant voice reduced to a husky croak
last nite it failed me
i would go for the big high powerful note
which i know i can hit and….
my voice would disintegrate before my eyes
first my ears
now my voice
i tell thee verily my children
take nothing of thy physical body as a given
things will and do clap out
today i will try to talk as little as poss
but my olde larynx aint happy with me
but i guess
i cant control myself
went for a swim today in the foggy misty rain
its been raining nonstop for 2 or 3 days here
its lush and green and delicious
this summer rain
in the sauna i hear a ridiculous conversation
between some fat hairy old git about my age
and some handsome well toned but slightly vacuous youngman
who vaguely had something of the faun about him
with his curly hair n pointy beard
he was saying
“havent you ever had ecstasy oh wow
oh everyone should have it
oh not that im advocating it or anything”
and the old git saying
“bloody drugs whos gonna pay for yer livers
whats wrong with a bit of booze
dont talk to me about drugs!”
all punctuated by my sudden guffaws
as each side trotted out its cliches
the pool was crowded
and i got pissed off n climbed out
ive read some good reviews of triffs n me
but now am worried bout voicey voice
tonite will be filmed
vishnu guide us through this night

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