posted on January 31, 2013 at 7:20 pm
numbskull on mainstreet

numbskull on mainstreet

music lesson : self taut

one day you just suddenly can do it

one day when it all makes sense

god speaks within your heart and the trees are all variegated

the day you see how you want to play

man youre a player now a real player

play music to win or lose

if my music was a car it would be a sunbeam alpine

if my music was a cat it would be a black one

if my music was a beast it would be a please-e-o-saur

coming up from the deep for you

one day another mad genius on some new drug will hear my work and understand

the tininess and enormity of my music

so close up so long ways off

i have many good records left in me yet

it amuses me to pump it all out

all those songs what does it all mean?


i wrote a lotta songs thats all

yeah a whole load of them

so after writing all those songs…


well you write some more

more stuff coming at you

i cant stop now i’m honour roll

if you like slightly weird slightly subtle stuff only tho

idyllist in every home i dont think so

this are songs bout what happens when you fall thru those cracks

a free fall baby a free free fall

guitars appear jostling you like a crowd

the bass intrudes like a big bad stranger

the slippery sounds now unidentifiable

mangled beyond recognition in some torture studio

beaten into shape

square pegs bashed into hexagony holes

stuff going sidewards forwards backwards backwoods

whatever the alienne did to me is sure holding tho

holding me up and setting my sharp nose to the gryndestone

sooner rather than later shuffle off this mongrel coiled

son of a bitch song stuck in my head stoned

i’d love to turn on you

up here in my silent soft world pierced by birdsong vespers

up here as day fades away

sit here with song after song after song

time signatures treble clefts sammy davis quaver

music ? i got it by the yard

i’m working on my five album double box set

it will explain everything

it will all be included somehow

and then it will all be gone


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