posted on March 27, 2014 at 8:11 pm
           who profits

who profits

i dont like the old testament it frightened me as a child

a vicious old bishop promising a 7 year old hellfire

a jehovahs witness selling armageddon rags at the door

the israelites a problematical bunch

i mean i started out wanting to cheer them on

but i find them a barbaric brutal slippery stupid crowd

if they are the chosen people i dont want to be chosen

if thats the best old jehovah could come up with

a whinging whining bunch like all the others

why should i be happy when jericho falls down?

or the philistines get their dicks cut off (J asked for this!)

whats it got to do with me these garbled old fables?

its not that i mind them so much in themselves

but silly people interpreting this stuff literally has been a bane to this earth

the popes and bishops have used this tripe to murder you and me

this ugly old hopeless myth of big old nasty jehovah the jealous geezer

has been used to kill and tax and torture and molest us common people

since the day this malarkey was first adopted by the first ever pope

and…have they ever apologised for the murder and mayhem?

no they just go on pretending theyre holier than thou when the truth is in front of your nose

jehovah is a tent god invented by a middle eastern tribe millenia ago in a brutal past

i ask you is this character consistent with your vision of this world and its beauty?

how can a holy book contain such a load of superstitious mumbo jumbo and violent claptrap?

and how can people living in the 21st century give any credence to these myths?

the silly stories and borrowed bits…half of it nicked from other is beyond belief

the dopey idiotic episodes one calamity after another

everything jehovah touches turns to death and destruction and plagues and warts

look what he does to job? does anyone here condone that?

fuck youd be better off under lucifer another imaginary cat

these 2 fictional constructions straight out of a badly written sci fi cheapie

battling it out for our souls…gimme a break!

and you go to hell unless you “believe” in Jehovah the jealous geeza

unless you “believe” in him you will go to hell

well that makes perfect sense doesnt it?

do you “believe” in him?

you better or you’ll jolly well go to hell, forever!

and thats a long time, my little pigs.

And dont go blaming Jehovah for this mess

its all that cunning Lucifer that rascally angel

I mean Jehovah made him and all and knew itd all end in tears

i mean Jehovah could presumably squash old Lucy pretty easy one would imagine

and let the rest of us off the hook

why wait till judgement day…?

on judgement day Jehovah will call my name

or i expect one of the helper angels will:

steven john kilbey eh? tell me. did you believe in me?

um, errr no sorry Jehovah but if…

Sorry son its off to hell with you even though you werent very naughty really


the whole damn thing is so incredibly silly

it really doesnt warrant me wasting anymore time demolishing a cobbled up book of old tent stories

not very good or interesting stories that dont seem to have much morality or anything

i come away disliking jehovah and his chosen people equally and contemptuously

bollocks! i say

the real god is the opposite of all this

he contains every single desirable quality and attribute

this stupid bible has put people off the real god

these stupid buildings with their stained glass miseries

these corrupt and lecherous popes and priests

the disgusting destruction and pillaging of the new world

all sanctioned by this twisted misunderstanding of a load of old stories

this is not god

it is man at his worst

christ was a cool cat and everyone here knows i dig him

why do you have to gild the lily and make him more than that?

its all accretion written after the fact.

made up by a pack of blokes in silly gowns who wanted to control you and me

and they have wreaked havoc on this world with this ludicrous book

good book..?

what good has it ever done anyone?




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