posted on May 5, 2008 at 2:48 am

linjo….my whole family likes that hat
auroras been wearing it and it looks beautiful
im wearing it right now
one loses much heat outta the top of ones head
i learnt that swimming
on a cold day
i’d rather a nice silicone cap
than all the wetsuits in the world
so thank you again…
i see john at pool
now all the hoo-hah has died down
the fact remains that his friend has gone forever
im funny
i never had a best friend
not like that
not one long continuous friendship like john n matts
i could clearly see his deep sorrow today
nothing i could say would change it
today is natalies birthday
i think shes a little disappointed and a little homesick
i should have had everybody have the day off
but i didnt think
it was just business as usual
i went swimmin’ etc as oafish n clumsy as the next clown
sometimes i dont think….
i ran round bondi junction till i found the only copy of gutter twins
i cant remember the last time i went scrambling round shops
searching for things i couldnt find
i found it in the last lot of “g”s in the last shop
i’d given the chase up almost
i looked through the “g”s
the gnats
the goliath sequence
the gilli-pops
the godlike devils
oh no
there it was
the last chance
it is fun to try to find things in shops though
the record itself is pretty good
im not totally into lanegan that much
i dig old dullis trip though
i read some reviews on
someone said that saturnalia was best record released this century
someone else gave twilight singers first album 2 stars n said it was crap
i read some church reviews
our own tommy tomsen from denmarks been busy
giving out 5* reviews to the church (why thank you)
one guy said he went for a walk when he heard uninvited
other people were arguing over my take on jesus christ
aint it funny though
i think about the guy who hated twilights 1st
saying it was like listening to nothing
i hear it and its like listening to a great fucking record
full of clever poignant words and weird melodies
like a lotta love n thought has gone into it
i read reviews of the church
opinions opinions opinions
i dont write enough about music on here i know
i should rectify that
i should write more of the stuff you wanna read
which im sure is music
after all thats my real job…its true
well tim n i were working on a 17 minute piece th’other day
talk about the churchs own prog rock masterpiece
wow! im gettin’ ahead of myself
i aint even finished the thing yet
lot more words to write n sing
lot more bits of the puzzle to solve
with that long thing sorted out
i have one more piece to do
something called luna which is another strange piece
i heard peters vocal on a piece we all wrote
it was very tuneful and refreshingly simple
some of my things are very wordy n complex
its gonna be a good record!
we are mixing in early june
on painkiller front
polinski called me saying final track mixed n sent on wednesday
then its up to me to figure out how to release it
yep thats right
more decisions i can dilly dally over
i aint even painted the friggin’ cover yet
im doing a contender
its like a playing card king o hearts
(the suicide king)
but with my face
and a marijuana leaf instead of a heart
but it isnt finished
but its looking good
maybe i’ll use the vegetalista instead
i dunno
i’ll vacillate till its too late
right here n now
i’d like to apologise to people whove emailed
n myspaced me
n i havent replied
i realise im suffering a kind of techno-nervous breakdown
literally the computer is driving me mad
i cant bear more than the hour it takes to write this tripe every day
i am so far behind now it frightens me to begin opening it up
i really cant handle it
i long for old days when there was no net
i could spend 2 hours a day
simply fielding all the mail that i get
some of it important personal n business just being ignored
my tax too i need to sort out
but i cant face it
as it gets further behind
i feel guiltier and it all multiplies itself
i can never catch up
im sorry
oh yeah listened to shriek soundtrack other day too
yeah youre gonna like that i think
(however wherever n whenever you ever procure one!)
soon simon will start kilbey kennedy n thatll be out as well
a vegan gig coming up in sydney
and something real strange too (but i’ll just be a guest!)
other than that
im trying to paint enuff pics for my xxxhibition
in a small arty town in ohio in joon
i better go
n do something

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