posted on October 9, 2009 at 9:26 pm

i know nothing
i follow nothing
beyond the hint of a melody that
i was chasing in my dreams
i am nothing
i have achieved nothing
i moved imaginary strings
in an imaginary world
i sang some songs
all of them to be forgotten eventually
circling the atmosphere a thousand lives behind
i sweep and i glide and i swoop on myself
everywhere then nowhere
happy sad young old rich poor
man woman child star worm
god devil sinner saint
i bounce through these lives
breathing it in like plankton
i collide with the obstacles planted in my way
people places events
all that chatter
the mountains dont care
the waves dont care
the sun and the rain dont care
i owe no allegiance to nothing
only music and art and trying to enjoy myself
i like playing my bass guitar…how simple minded is that
it hasnt made an appearance on my blog yet
coz its been quarantined in customs
they suspect it of having the rockin’ new monia
and the boogie woogie flu…
i really have no good opinions on anything
other than maybe writing lyrics
do whatever you like…leave me out of it
vote for president meat and shave off your pingis
see if i give a damn
socialism heroin rocknroll
poking in a puddle with a stick
the waist of time
i am an australian artist and i wish i had no guilt
suddenly stevies got the feeling
hes surrounded by panthers panthers
closing in in all directions
panthers panthers
ha ha ha
i can do anything on here
say…did you know genghis khan was a vegan
and he did a lot of charity work?
did you know addy hitler had a pet rock?
did you know napoleon bonaparte once played castanets in mink deville?
did you know that eve wore gilga-mesh stockings to the eden ballroom do?
did you know the church were first formed in macedonia when my dad fixed
washing machines for alex the great?
did you know my mother was once a committed sexagenarian?
and the british tobacco company notified me that i had won
all they needed was my sex n d.o.b. and address ..AND IT WAS MINE
but how could i have won all that money
and them not even know i’m a bloke?
hey i realized the other day
it is literally different digits showing up on screens
theres no dough to back it all up
its no longer tied to gold or anything
its fucking imaginary
i go wow
a big figure flits across my screen
i go fuck!
a minus figure flits across my screen
some imaginary bank says
you have this much imaginary money in your imaginary accnt
heres your credit card …more imaginary stuff
mr tax man gets on my screen
he says we want some o your digits on our screen
i move a digit on my screen into his screen
just a tiny little digit tho
he at the other end smiles a teeny bit says thank you
my little digit now joins his little pond full of digits
i never saw that dough
i never felt it come in
i never felt it go out
someone say
oh we gotta deficit
oh we gotta surplus
i never felt either
i never noticed my dad noticing it either
i never noticed anyone noticing any of this stuff
i dont know who owes australia what…
i dont know who won the football….ANYWHERE
i dont know and i dont care who wins prizes or who sings my songs
i dont care if youre bored with me or dont love me anymore
i am a freaking renaissance man before your eyes
knocking out my inimitable scam
half genius half fool
c’mon you either love me n understand why i am the king
or you go gently into that good night
i am beyond caring as i enter the final stretch of my life
i lay down my 2 minute songs on you
thats what i do
isnt it enough
i feel like white hippy moses
having come down from the mountain
where i have plucked my ten commandments from the snarling void
and i come down here
to see you worshipping gossip and dissent and opinion and statistics
90 % of statistics are baloney pal
and here are my fucking commandments for thee
1 thou shalt not eat meat
2 thou shalt rock
3 thou shalt not bicker in the comments
4 thou shalt subscribe
5 thou shalt honour marc , david b, johnny o boogie bobby d
6 thou shalt be nice
7 thou shalt expand thy consciousness
8 thou shalt forgive the time being his weaknesses
9 location location location
10 did i say subscribe already?
yes yes
remember its an imaginary figure
put it in my pond
i’ll put it in someone elses pond
eventually it will come back round to your pond
you wont feel it go
you wont feel it come back
i dont understand why people say i’m mad
i know nothing
i am nothing
i came from nothing and back to nothing i am going
one day i will be nothing
in light of that
i will write music
i will paint and paint
i will fiddle with a new camera
that MR MARC W of PA sent me
(marc w arise…you are now lord marc
for services rendered to the cause)
hope or despair….?
history will laugh at us all
then it will laugh at them doing the laughing
its all a blink in vishnus eternity
so do whatever you like
merrily merrily merrily
life is but a dream

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