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easterly breeze

easterly breeze

its almost impossible to talk about this character jesus

everything has been said

much evil has been perpetrated in his name probably more evil than good has come of jesus and his mythos

witches burnt crusades waged with loads of dirty fighting

continents invaded ransacked and converted torturing and maiming over ideological differences

the christians of the western world have murdered millions all in the name of the prince of peace

could any one of these rampaging bloodthirsty popes seriously have read the gospels..?

their behaviour is the very antithesis of Jesus’ life

finally the corrupt churches have preyed on children

they have manipulated the peoples anxieties

they have grown to be fat and powerful and gold-loving monsters

i exhort my readers to not blame this on Jesus

they called Jesus the man of sorrows

but his greatest sorrow surely is not his own crucifixion

but the fact that this scum has used his teachings

which espouse ahimsa and charity and mercy

to perpetrate the horrors the christian organisations have unleashed

now go and read the fucking bible!

go on can you see what is happening in these pages..?

being somewhat of a minor expert in all things myth and ancient world

seeing how i have read the koran and the gita and srimad bhagavatam

and the iliad and the odyssey and the norse myths

and ive read the (not so) good book a few times too

and i have delved deep into these subjects

and i am naturally interested in these things

so for whatever its worth here is my easter take

everyone who wrote about christ wrote long after his death

there are no first hand accounts they are stories passed down and around

they are surely have been elaborated on

there are 4 gospels each writer talks about bits of the story the others dont mention

the stories were surely manipulated and altered and mistranslated

one cannot simply take the stories about jesus as gospel

i reiterate that matthew mark luke and johnny never met Jesus

He is only once mentioned in history (i think but may be wrong)

there are already many other heroes who are born 25 dec and who are killed and reborn

A lot of Jesus’ story is obfuscated in accretion, yes it’s true

a lot of the rationales have been added on by the churches hundreds of years later

ok get ready for my main point here

it isnt about jesus

it’s about his message

his message somehow manages to survive through all of the above

some continuity of thought just like the buddha’s

and here again one wonders if Jesus had heard Buddha’s message

Jesus’ parables certainly resemble Buddha’s sutras

Using simple stories about farmers and families and livestock

Jesus and Buddha were able to get across subtle but important spiritual ideas

to the great confused woolly-headed masses who have trouble understanding

they still do

Jesus himself whoever he was or wasn’t is always de-emphasising himself

there are a few grandiose statements however which atheists always quote

yet i wonder which pope or catholic hack may have stuck those words in his mouth

Jesus is not about Jesus Its about his message

his message is basically to be kind to each other

read his message and think about it

dont be distracted by all the hoo-ha and bullshit

that has circulated by cynical charlatans of emperors and popes

chucked in there to give them leverage over us: the proletariat.

They have raped and plundered and molested and murdered us for 2000 years

i ask you to read the gospels and see how they got all of this out of that

Jesus offered people  a new way to lead our lives

he suggested peace and love

he was like johnny lennon who also got taken down for saying the same thing

People, it is the song not the singer

it doesn’t matter who you believe Christ may be or may not be.. can you live by his words?

can you inculcate love and empathy for the old and poor and dispossessed?

can you share what you have?

do you disdain wealth and realise its potential for corruption of the soul?

do you abstain from violence and cruelty?

can you forgive and can you show mercy?

this is what Jesus is about

he does not demand belief from you

that is such a pointless stupid exercise

believe in me …!

what the fuck does that mean or prove?

jesus exhorts you to be a good person

and he explains in easy to understand ways why you should be

only his words matter

focus on his advice for a successful life and a successful planet

and wonder at how his message has been perverted

and turned into witchtrials and holy wars

and then imagine if everybody was playing by jesus rules

and doing as they would be done by

thats all jesus’ message is

be nice

it all boils down to that

all the rest is something stuck on there by some other untrustworthy cat

ps dont read St Paul

hes no saint he’s a murdering bastard dickhead aggrandising himself in JC’s name

in fact he’s an early example of how it all goes so wrong so fast

i hate him

and so would have Jesus

you can take my word for it

happy easter sk bondi saturday arvo

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