posted on October 30, 2011 at 12:45 pm


crown st chakra


arthur king nights round his table

the elite have all been innoculated

can you dig it

magic pretty bewildered by women and money

we all need our own in to this maze

spearmint of destiny

the shroud of huron

situationist hit

a proper gander at bible code dependency

i am in deep in your mind now

will you accept me ?

when the answer is unforthcoming

i retreat half cat half man

so lick my wound up time

fuck i could crush everything if i but had the strength

the cities of the planes

plazas of sub angelic choir

the thresh hold of all unknowable pain

slow ache of grief as mourning drags  into midnight

then i will advertise for the very best of men

i will solicit women from the lucky caste

and their fathers will bestow great treasurers upon me

i and only i shall be me; no more sharing

my contacts in the atmospherean world will ensure this in devon

oh i bring in every tiny god ever mentioned in weird erratic sutras

the formula for adorata

the existence of sumerian discs which undermine our science

the beast that still roams in southern italy some say is pan

the saracens who tripped out on hash and crashed in germany

the saints and the sluts of ninevehs first general strike

how to command the elements with rhythmic chance

as i enter apotheoses upon my steed one moon and sunday

twin serpents twined round the staff of event

and coincidence machined by fate which is really seemingly free willed

that is its all gone wrong and no one can bother

some try to leave while still in their present hides

yet i say that this is not possible

if the truth was behind one door and money behind the other

which would you choose?

there is no way around it

it obviously doesnt matter none of it does

or it matters to ourselves and then we are gone

reality will resume

some poet has written something no one reads

the handshake involves some grip …you might not know

the revolution will be in your heart of hearts

the meaning will become apparent for a short time next december

i know you like my song heres aversion

ambiguous day

i should know better







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