posted on January 18, 2008 at 5:03 am

strange days indeed mama
singing with the triffids
3 or 4 of best songs ever written
by anyone
how weird it is
i sit backstage and wait
backstage backstage
3 different dressing rooms
the triffids sit in their room with their families
mick harvey wanders in our room
phew! he says as he cops a faceful of my reefer
uh oh contact high!
i meet the real mccomb brother tonight
john mccomb oh a lovely gentleman
he gives me seal of approval…its important to me,understand?
i want everybodys blessing for this
as each person reassures me further and further
i throw myself deeper into these songs
im telling you if you aint heard born sandy devotional….
its one of the very best
it aint glam rock
it aint new wave or new romantic
it aint showbizzy schmaltzy dollops neither
i dunno what is that word?
some kinda intense authenticity
one of them old fashioned geniuses
you know young hotblooded prolific
doomed to die way too young
born sandy devotional
and im out there in those landscapes
the flatlands, the pines, the lonely stretches
eventually my cue is given
in which mr miller the mc spins some yarn
i go on
and wide open road starts up
that exact drum machine as on record
(and it doth sound good!)
the band kick in with that first big chord
the road opens up before me
i see it all the blue sky
the dark asphalt highway moves away into the distance
heat shimmer
feeling of revenge retribution
feeling of loneliness
i dont sing this one as well as i’d like to
whats stopping me then?
its just that….well…i dont know
nevertheless the crowd love this song
who wouldnt?
i dont wanna draw attention to myself really
i am there as a hired gun to do my job
which is
to sing these fucking songs in the spirit they were intended
with passion intensity and (dare i say it) balls
balls as in no namby pamby malarkey
better to sing wrong notes
than to sing these numbers
with a limp wrist i guess
tho of course thats my own take
anyway the audience seem to like w.o.r(despite me)
next up
the band hits stolen property
the audience gasp with pleasure as they recognize the intro
i sing this one better
oh its a beautiful song
convoluted confused brilliant song that it is
a dialogue with himself?
what a pleasure to sing something like this
then lonely stretch
i go totally “off”
better than all other road songs put together
yes you can go to town on this
a lonely lo a lonely stretch
i exit stage right
yeah a big rounda a plause
after all these are 3 of the best
wait around a bit more
all hot n sweaty but no where to go go go
finally its encore time
we do field of glass
i go totally nuts in this one
shredding my larynx
not used to being rudely used like this
my throat sounds shot
what they hell
i put more into it
and it rasps and splinters like an olde time blues guy
is this how its done…?
i was just trying to sing it like dave and um….
it came out like this/that
never mind
everyone seems to likey by crikey
seals of approval
i split immediately
lift home with chris n ann marie
who are valve bouncing on the show
wow they really loved it!
my second hit musical festival thingo in one week
if only life was always like this

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