posted on April 13, 2008 at 9:20 pm

the west…….
uh, i dunno
it is so hard to detach from your culture
to see it for what it is through other(s) eyes
so hard to escape the zeitgeist
if we were raised eating worms
most of us would still be eating them
if we were raised and told that turnips were poisonous
we would avoid them
we are preprogrammed
we do not think freely
we swallow whatever they dish up
hooked headline and stinker
we are so buried in our own cultures baloney
we cant see which way is up
now the west has sold you a couple of ideas
i persistently go on about these ideas
on n on non anon
these ideas are at the very crux of our civilization
you see the angry ignorant responses on my comments
one chap says
without meat we will all starve…
and i should be on opera windfree show
with my zany dribble..
well my friend
let me reiterate this
the united nations
as well as many u.s. n u.k. studies conclude
that the meat industry is the single greatest contributing factor
to this planets critical condition
thats not my opinion
its the experts…at least whoever is the experts today
you see
the extraordinary amounts of cowdung n piss
the fact it takes 9 pounds of soy to produce one pound of beef
(beef :a cute word for a bit of decaying dismembered cow…long dead)
and that cattle farming destroys the soil
and the refrigeration
you see
one day you gonna be asked to give up your kobe beef
if it gets even more critical with the weather
hopefully meat will be outlawed
it is after all
inhumane bloodthirsty macabre and it produces
ignorant meatheads who are actually addicted to the gore (like gore)
it causes cancer heart attack stroke and stupidity
it brings much misery down on our planet
it brings bad karma (oooh hippy dribble)
anyway how was the kobe beef
you wont shit it out for 3 days or so
so your intestines can get to know it real intimately
as your weak digestive juice slowly slowly
but ineffectually attempt to break it down
no mr kobe beef
we dont have that same acidic juice of the carnivores
ooh mr kobe beef
its rotting in your tummy, my son
your tummy is not a freezer
have you seen a piece of meat 3 days out of a freezer?
and its backed up
behind all the other various grisly remains
that sit putrefying inside you
rotting within your stomach, my dear friend
all that decay
and chemicals
and adrenaline from the dead miserable creature
jesus i know
im never gonna change your mind, am i?
no longer an ethical crusade
meat has been officially ascertained
as enemy number ONE of planet earth
you can now do whatever you like…
hey sometimes the u.n. are right though
remember all those weapons of mass destruction
they said mr s hussein didnt have?
do you remember a couple of years ago
when i was self righteously ranting against iraqi war
and i’d have a hundred furious comments
saying i was all kinds of things
a coward
an idiot
yet i hear nothing these days
not one squeak of protest when i broach this
or maybe
they all pissed off when we had the big veg schism
interesting correlation isnt it…?
the other big stupid lie the west esp u.s.
have sold us
we the people
is that the plants herbs and trees of this planet
the plants that bring visions
they have sold us the idea that these plants are “wrong”
i have said most of this before
but just one more time
up until 1900 there were no such things as illegal drugs
it was a matter of personal choice
of course , i guess
the witch burners set alight many healers and wise-women
who were skilled in herbal lore
an early example of ignorant repression by a certain type of man
the type of man who fears the feminine
who fears mysticism
who fears philosophy
who fears to create
who fears the unknown
who fears the ineffable wonder of nature
who scoffs at god(s)
who clings to his safe ignorance
parrotting his masters ignorance
the bishops
and generals
and the “law”
the secret agents
the “war” presidents, deserters themselves
the lords and kings
trotting out the bullshit of the time
a man with no ritual
a man with no culture
a man unable to create anything of beauty and charm
a fearful cynical man
feeling all safe in his cynicism and cliches
you see “drugs” were made illegal in the 1900s
to bust blacks n intellectuals n the poor n asians n whoever else
they werent made illegal for your own good
come on…do you really believe that?
and they teach you to fear and ridicule the people who use them
those stupid witchdoctors in the jungles
those stupid hippy trippy hippies with their peace n flower bullshit
i mean..peace n fucking flowers…how useless is that?
the western govts say these illegal drugs are “wrong”
people taking them are so naughty
that they are jailed and even executed
tim leary spent years in jail for possessing a joint
what did they fear?
the west govt made a whole loada stuff illegal
creating an instant blackmarket
full of crime prostituton smuggling corruption
that did not previously exist
do you ever hear much about the drug problems
in other times and places….?
your own governments created it!
more marijuana smokers in u.s. jails than ever
to keep them from harming themselves?
to deter them from crime?
because the govt said dont do it
but they did n now goddamn it we gotta show em
will society collapse if people smoke dope?
some kids beat up a guy n smoked pot..ban pot
some kids beat up a guy n ate a sandwich..ban sandwiches
take me
i been smoking dope 36 years
i mean it cant be too bad, can it?
i mean
my resting pulse is 55
my blood pressure is low man low
i am 54 nearly
i swim a mile
i walk 2 or 3 miles
i do 1 and a half hours of yoga
i write a blog
i raise my kids
i pay my taxes
i produce much artistic work
i donate monthly to 2 charities :greenpeace n heart foundation
i perform concerts i travel i meet n greet
i love my mother
i dont beat my wife or kids
i dont steal rob or create trouble
i am quite sane
i am quite lucid
i continue to improve at singing playing writing
i mix socially with people
i am fit healthy productive and peaceful
should i go to jail?
am i just a stoned wanker?
am i the cliche?
or you?
where have you travelled?
what have you seen?
have you ever explored other states of mind
other planes
other universe within nature
do you write poetry
can you stand on a fucking stage
and keep people amused for 3 hours?
or are you a cog in the mechanism
mouthing the trueisms…?
the hippies failed
yes they did
the “straights” prevailed
yes they did
the psychedelic revolution of the heart of the sixties
was crushed and ridiculed
all those hippy wankers
stoned stupid
tripping peacenik fools
the western govts (the rest mostly cowed by the u.s.)
have told you that the psychedelic plants on this planet
are wrong
are evil
they wage wars on these plants
destroying and burning
just like a real inquisitor does
just like a real witchburner or nazi bookburner
just like superstitious cavemen
suppressing thought that differs from their own
trampling all over your “rights”
ask yourself this straightman
why do they fear the psychedelics so vehemently?
answer: ignorance

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