posted on March 21, 2011 at 3:38 pm


the night ahead

the day behind

on each side possibilities stack up

in some other universe where i am you

in some other you in some other place

what if what if what if

someone says there are no what ifs oh but there are

i mean

right time right place

wrong dimension

i mean my spirit encaged in this mansuit of flesh

i mean it wanders wherever it wants

you could end up anywhere

you could end up lost

life within emptiness

emptiness within life

forget all the times that you have burned

forget all the times that you have returned

a reality not fixed

nothing is

not even the truth

which has been stretched out of shape

reduced to a fact

bandied about

love is not the whole truth

the whole truth still is not love

they might intersect

anything goes

everything stops

an invisible hand guides me i cannot resist

some things are forbidden

some things are enforced

some things i have leeway

some things i have chains

some things i know nothing

some things i have known

sweet oblivion will embrace me

at the other end some brand new day

oh to start again

somewhere so nice

not like this place

half good and half bad

misfortune and grief nip at your heels

weight of this world pulling you down

words mean so little

they pour out of a mind

like they throw out your stuff

when they left you behind

and life seems so solid

but its jumping from thing to thing

it suddenly leaves you

it suddenly arrives

and you stand up and lie down

a puppet of life

mysterious force no one can see

vanishing appearing

like rain over the sea

thats me


yet still unfree





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