posted on May 15, 2006 at 9:30 pm

good day
hows life in the multiverse, today?

before i go any further
i must shamelessly spruik my gig
this friday night
at the winebank in sydney
martin place-ish, 9 15
with my jazzcats + laney
please come
itll be yer last chance to see me for a while
unless you live in hungry
or eyeland
or grate brittin’
or spane
after that im having a brief holiday
with my twillipops
who turn 15 on the 7th of june
which is why elli is elektra june
and who i wrote that song june for
for the first time ever
little minna is taller and heavier than her sis
ah i said
you can beat her up now
minna says
yeah i know
elli is quite over her op now
and thanks fer yer support
after a few setbacks
minna is looking at her options…
hoping to spend some time at their country house
which has no lectricity
no running water or conveniences
back to nature
you wash in the lake there
hoping it aint too cold…
but cold is relative
i ring minna
minna its cold here
what is it?
its 16 degrees
minna says
its warm here
i say what is it
its 16 degrees
there you go
one mans blizzard
is another mans heatwave

sweden in summer
is just about the nicest place ya could imagine
stockholm empties out
you got the city to yerself if ya want
the archipelago!
the forests!
the islands!
if you aint ever been to scandanavia
get thy ass there now at once
you wont be disappointed
those swedes look like us anglo types
but underneath their quite different
thoroughly civilized
a different take on things

i love sweden in summer
it doesnt ever really get dark
the evenings stretch on and on
strange light
those melancholy swedes
the huge mosquitoes i never expected
the cold water that flows under the warm
the deep ancient lakes
their ceremonies and rituals
one of the 1st countries to turn their back on war
you gotta go there to understand em
its worth it tho
dark n miserable in winter
the north explodes into colour when its warm
sometimes summer never really materializes
and then you get 17 degrees and overcast
for 3 months and this plunges em
into a northern despair)
at first the scandics seem a little cold and snooty
but thats just the way they speak english
dont let it put ya off too much
any way
thats where i’ll be for a cuppla weex in june
and im happy bout that
i guess thats really it or today
been playing the go bes a lot
i wonder where grant is right now…?
goodbye fiendss
lotsa love

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