posted on February 22, 2006 at 10:16 pm

good morning you creatures
1st things 1st
no i do nae eat the fishies
i am ambivalent on this issue
i do nae care for the taste
i especially disdain the prawnies
the shrimpies
the lobstahs
actually once the chruch were in a restaurant in london
theres all these “straights” sittin round
enjoying their lunchtime meat and plonk
theres this big ole lobster sitting on a huge salad plate
just behind these captains of industry
the lobster lyin’ there dead
in amongst a big salad
soggy with mayo and oil
if you will
your good heros delight
when yon lobstar comes back to life
starts waving his claws around
flinging great globs of mayo-ey mess
all over the suits suits
and it took em about 5 minutes to notice
unfortunately for the lobby
a nasty little chef came running in
and beat the poor creature
back to death
with a runcible spoon
such cruelty
hey but those suits were heading straight for the dry cleaners

so no i dont eat fish
but fish are in another category ya see
they live normal happy lives
(i presume)
until the moment before they are caught
they are not systematically degraded
you cannot belittle something fiendss
with out belittling yerself
cmon thats basic einsteinian fizzicks
its also the law of karma
if you wanna eat the fishies
i absolve you
remember tho
just the ones with scales and fins

i deplore the act of throwing a living creature
into boiling water
as they do with the lobs
thats fucked up
if you eat something like that
youre gonna be sorry

but many people i know eat the fishies
so i dunno
do whatever you like baby

sometimes when the chruch is on tour in aust
we would amuse ourselves
when we drive past a bridge crowded with fishymen
all with their cruel hooks in the water
we stop and yell out
you should see those astonished faces
ha ha ha
people just leave things alone
its a fishy ok
its “just” a fish life right?
but the fish likes its fishy life
it doesnt wanna die
do you really have to eat it
aint there something else out there
can satisfy ya?
compassion my fiendss
how can we have compassion for each other
when we butcher the sweet calves and lambs ?
so listen
i dont wanna keep this going all the time
im no militant proseletyzer barkin’ in ya ear
fucking eat what you want
see if i care
its just between you and you
nun of my bizness
if you wanna do that
keep it to yerself
but dont come here
try and change my mind
its impossible
i aint ever
gonna put that evil filthy stuff
it my little tummy
and fiendss
if ya ever wonder
how yer humble hero
look so good
can do so much
still knocking out big fat babies
getting better
instead of worse
dont you think being a veggie
for 35 years might have somethin to do with it?
thats over and done

last night a huge black limo
pulled up outside my housie
in deepest nth bondi
at first i think
oh no…
malcys read mah blogge and hes
taking me for a long drive somewhere…
but no
on closer inspection
i noticed the initials kh
and a hand of god logo
i realise its been sent round
for my next recording session
at the huge impressive kh towers
in bondi heights
when i get there i am delighted
when jlk the ceo
i got some stuff from martin kennedy
to play ya
mr kennedy is the guy in all india radio
and big spaceship
he did that wonderful trk on khp+r3
i love this mannes werk
and hes sent 6 beautiful things
for me to croon on
ok we did one
a beautiful measured very mk piece
called eyes ahead
im very happy
remember where you heard about this first
check out some all india radio records
i think you will like this guy
his music is serene and poignant
unlike robbie williams
who is on the radio at the moment
mmm i know hes part of god too
i know he got vishnu in his heart baybee
i know its beneath me to critize and whine
fuck i loathe his shallow showbiz shite
go back to playin the fuckin artful dodger in oliver
your face and your voice make me sick!!

oh fiendss
this be a real mixed baggy today
i gotta say thanks to my deer frend glenny w
who gave me a nice haircut
which should look nice in the middle of march
good on ya mr w
while im saying thanks
thanks also to my poetry manager mr gn
and to my art manny and head of the sksc
ms hj
both of whom toil ceaselessly
striking great blows for the boheemian cause
and putting fear into the crumbling
“straight” world
as they boldy dismantle the fascist mechanism
armed only with words and paint
gn and hj
i appoint thee
knight and dame of this fair realm
which is in all our hearts
and slay the besuitted hordes
ride far and near
throw down thy brief cases
leave those fluoro lit offices
get out of yer gas guzzlin 4 wheel drives
that aint never seen a tree in their lives
cast away the key to the vip exec bathroomn
and give yer gold chain to st vinnies
put yer gossip rags n financial times
on a bonfire
as all over the world
the great boheemian victory is celebrated
with spliffs chruch moosic and nut cutlets
this is it fiendss
a war on wars
were takin’ over

whaddya waitin for?
i love ya
now go forth and multiply

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