posted on February 9, 2006 at 11:36 pm

i flailed like a swimmer thru the summer heat

good morning readers
you can stop reading now if
a you eat meat
b vote republican liberal or even fuckin vote at all
c (and the most tedious) you wish
i was more like i was in
a 1953
b 1988
c yesterday when i was young
if,you,heavens forbid answered yes
to ALL the above
go mime blood money while eating yer blt
in frontof the starz n white stripes
i dont care
but plague me not
if yer thinkin of giving up meat fascism or carping
then do it now
be more like me
thats what my world needs
more mes
if ya wanna give me a late christmas pressie
cut me some slack
do you really wanna be my devotee
you may as well be baybee
whos left
ian mc cullough…..
i guess he’s out there some where
the short sighted git
this is me
you see
dont tell me to remain mysterious boyo
on my own blogg
dont tell me that andre breton
or arthur rimbaud
or baudelaire
or even the great billy milkshakespearmint
would not be blogging their genius brainds out
who wants to wait months for publication
i can rave straight to ya here and now
its fresh my little numbat
thats what yer (dont) pay for
you think i gonna come down here
pull on my mysterious identity
and pull your leg an hour a day
you see
as i told ya before
i charge for that malarkey
this set up
im yer friend
i talk to ya
you can talk to me
take it or leave it
if ya want something else
its simplimento, amore
nevermind all that
i admit i gotta bad attitude
feel all pumped up and male
its not my fault
after all am i not a manne?
sometimes i just feel like fighting someone
luckily for me
this feeling is not so frequent
im a cranky aggressive sod
ive had road rage
and ive frightened a certain cowardly mo fo
who cut me off in a roundabout
and then wannted to stop
and ‘ave some argy bargy about it
i got my whole fam in a lil rent a car
his big old four wheel drive
(thats never seen mud in its life)
has got blah blah blah interior decorating
the guy jumps out
a little skinny dude about 30
suddenly hes sees bricklayer from hell
descending on him
he doesnt realize i’s an ex foppish glam rocker
he minces back in vanny and ske daddles
i feeling i gonna strangle him
nk and kids v. quiet when i get back in car
what is this?
it was like i was possesed
i was prepared to kill this man
you learn something new
bout yerself every day
even when yer getting pretty olde
like yer humble senile scribe
this happened a few years back
i had it a few times since
very frightening
you see
we are half animal/half angel
you gotta get that balance right baby
some times the animal gets unleashed
sometimes yer all seraphim
thats me mostly
a bit of a saint
but even jesus got angry
with them ” straight” money lenders
he rained on there little fuckin parade
imagine having the son of jehovah and the prince of peace
chuck a wobbler at you
at the office…
so im sorry if i antagonize you ever
friends sometimes accidentally do that
but i write this cos i like you
i dont wanna tell you how to be
try to understand
i sit here
give you my thoughts
that i tell to no other
i do it gladly
i do it completely for the love
of communicating with ya
i wanna blog
its my destiny
dont take mah blogg off me mama
you may see a nasty side
olde capt’n paisley
ive swum great rivers
fought dangerous aquatic beasts
endured the smoke of marijuana forests
just to write ya this today
like me or lump me my friend
but you aint gonna find another like me
switch off
i dare ya
ya never know what i could write tomorrow
who knows?
could be something goode….
dont get yer knickers in a knot
it aint worth it
i should know…

see yer round

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