posted on March 8, 2006 at 10:17 pm

this is harder than i thought
writing something everyday for your enjoyment
i m so worried youre gonna switch off
i know its not amazingly goode everyday
i appreciate you sticking with it
im so grateful to you
maybe i could slip you a few bucks
for reading this blogge
im paranoid in case my numbers slip
i havent learnt to decipher
the figures and the pie charts yet though
ive been subtly experimenting with pentameter
well for one or 2 sentences
shakespeare wrote all his plays in that
it doesnt necessarily seem like it at first
or to our modern ears
but almost everything in shakes
is going
dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah
hey isnt that by sting as well?
so imagine that, ye literary minded fiends
think of all those great lines
all beating in time
occaisionally a servant or some one
will speak in ordinary talk
ah the many devices
wordsmiths have up their sleeveys
for your pleasure
the rhyming schemes
the meters
the on a mat appear
the allusions
the illusions
the surprises
the patterns
the format
the love
it has to get back to love
if we dont love what we’re doing
why would anyone else?
i keep telling you how i love you
how i love writing my bloggey for your erudition
because love is no cheap commodity
ive been in love with words
for thousands of years
just like you
just for you
justice for you
justice hidden
there i go
as it occurs to me
as it recurs to me
i cant be bothered with all the games anymore
wasting my life playin’ meaningless games
jumpin’ thru somebodies hoop
pokin’ around in some muddypuddle
all muddled up
but uncuddled
what do you expect
this is erf, aint it?
any way i have ceased to pretend
draw whatever conclusions you like
im tired of politically correct
im tired of appearances
this is me
who else could it be
my blogge is my mirror
cant you see who i am
im different everyday
just like you
i didnt think i’d still be commenting
on unguarded moment 26 years later
you never know whats gonna happen
or whats gonna happen to ya
think about that
if ya get a minuet
or waltzever
i dunno
there are all these forks in the road
of your life
never know when theyre coming up
never know when you gonna say
how the fuck did all this happen???
careful with everything
a olde black gentleman
in memphis tennis sea
once said to me
go lightly
and carry a big stick

i have pondered this loadsa times
since he said this many many years ago
go lightly
such good advice
dont stomp thru everything
a bull in a chinese shop
take it easy
easy baby
ta det lugnt
they say in sweden
when the swedes say easy tho
they pronounce the z sound
as an s sound
same with stars
the swedes say STARSS
i always thought that this somehow
sounded like more starss
than our starz
i was always similiarly impressed
when some swedish narkoman
would hissss
take it fukking eesee man…!
it sounded like i had to be more easy than just plain
old english easy
if you know what i mean
funny that i was thinking of linguistics
while i was on the gear
back in those naughty nasty nineties
so there you go
im always on the job with language
always trying to figger out
a new way to turn you on
to keep you reading my blogge
so i can keep the ratings up
at the bottom of this page
i could conceal em from ya
if i wanted
then i could tell ya
that im pulling ten thousand a day
but i choose to remain transparent
no closets in my skellington fiendss
im changing my gig from the 1st
to the 15
give me more time
to have some guitar lessons
and learn the chord to my song
i cant imagine why you foreigners
arent swarming down here
to see this
im gonna be amazing
it will be the definitive performance
of my life
climbing to the top
of a hundred foot tower
i will dive
into a wet sponge
this could bee an analogy
it could bee you
you should bee there

i’ll be seeing you

me x

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