posted on January 29, 2006 at 11:22 pm

where was i ?
i went to bed saturday nite
now its monday morn
oh sorry fiendss
didja miss me while i was away?
didja play my records all night long..?
well im back
and this time its personal
i been painting smoking listening
i been listening to some things
trying to work out howcome i still
love em
after so many years
moonlight mile by the rolling stones
jesus i love that song
i dunno what mick jagger means anymore
but when he wrote the words to this song
he was top of his game
and the music
evoking the wide spaces of america
im coming sister and im dreaming
im driving down your moonlight mile
the strings comin in
you can feel those green shadows swimming around ya
i wish id written that one
what else..
the cocteau twins
single gun theory
loo read
tea wrecks
the usual stuff
i listen and i paint
and it all joins up
till im painting the music
and its going round and round
i finished shakespeare in bondi
its another mastahpiece
what can i say?
im tired of the louvre begging me for an xhibition
the da vischy code scared me off
gee this bloggy is refusing to coagulate today
i cant get onto the main vein here
its already 10 36
its already about 90 degrees farenheight
its already yesterday
the doodles back at skool tomorrow
the wheel turns
the silly season is over
sk gotta do all those things
he been procrastinating doing
beard needs a trim
“you look like father christmas, man”
my studio needs clearing up
pastel dust everywhere
dried up paint
pencil shavings
bits and bobs all over the plaice
random papers blowing around
toys and mags
i hate cleaning up
unless im listening to a good record
then i dont mind
im still waiting for the main thrust of this blog
to come to me
some poem
some rant
some rave
it aint happening
sometimes its like that
a gig that dont connect
a song that dont like to be sung
a picture you cant draw
a blog with no perceivable theme
ive already down my laps
and ive already done my lapse
beat my chi gong
meddi tated
i feel even steven
poised between the past and the future
between birth and death
the huge mystery still hardly even guessed at
51 years
hardly anything figgered out yet
wasting my time i guess
listening to my E go
cmon god
gimme a break
why is it so hard to even grasp ya for a nano sec
i dunno
i got no answers today
im just a civilian
im just a bohemian fool
with a bloggy
and not much to say today
trying to stretch it out
even tho it aint goin’ nowhere
in partickular
a holding pattern
whatever you think
insert yer own clever observations in the comments section
go on
knock yerself out
you wanna take over for me…?
be my ghostblogwriter?
can you mix yer metaphors?
an aphorism for every occaision?
are you over 18 with a currant drivers licence?
raisin hell?
is you disposable income over 100 k with
bonuses and key to vip pissoir?
do you ever watch olde rockers
and think
“gee i could do that”
do you have an aptitude for jangly guitars
and wistful mistful wurds
apply here
sending your full names
your previous lives
your most unspeakable wishes
and a good nude polaroid
and you may be
helping me
put my next blogge together
and accompanying me
on a ten day
all expenses paid
somewhere nice
sooner or later
i love you
eeek im mentioning you
handy youre mentioned too
but careful with the vegan jokes buddy
eating animals aint no laffing matter!
who else
krissy the groupie…
whose groupie were ya?
what was he like?
better than me?
capt hession, my olde mate!!
anonymous, you bastard!
anonymous, hi, how are ya?
diane ooooh you are so nice to me!
cecilia oh i love you…remember montreal? sk in a dress?
my little brudder russell
this was all your idea!
michael h, you are a gentleman!
m w m are you reading today?
dutch pee air what a trooper
and yer still handsome after all these years
the boys in england…you pasty pale pommies
the oirish contingent, toppo the morning to ya
the swedes hej hej hej ..jag alskar er
the french….big deal
the germans…get me a bmw ad baby
i dunno who else is there
if i forgot you
tuff luck
it means i love you even more
i just couldnt remember ya thats all
love love love

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