posted on January 23, 2013 at 4:55 pm
eyes down  n looking

eyes down n looking


i deal in weirdity

oh idyllist is a strange mixed up record

hawkwind meets bowie meets 1960s pop meets frank sinatra

all of  them living in cologne smoking hash and working with mellotrons

a future that never came must have its songs

well here they are lurching tilting stumbling jumbled up and leaking out

this is the sound of a man with too many ideas

i go all over the place twice before breakfast

oh the idyllist rocks in some sick lumpy way

look ma i’m playing all the instruments

im a massive over achiever on an ego trip from utopia

no one can do this stuff but me

i am the maestro the undisputed king of this thing

it aint smooth but sometimes its sleek

how come i’m so fucking good

how did i ever get a handle on this so i can pump this stuff out

all of it marvellous music and songs full of love

well it took time and it took talent and some other force

something extra i know i have on my songwriting side

oh and my mad methodology even i dont understand

if you want raw uncooked time being nutrients this is where to get em

no ninny came between me n my music

thats all me every last fuckin thing

i  conjured that whole racket outta the silence

some of those songs soon you’ll wonder how you lived without

i bet

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