posted on January 25, 2013 at 10:19 pm
oh no baby

oh no baby


well you can get it right now in fact

here i am shamelessly touting my latest record

“trying to earn a living off an LPs worth of tunes”

my new record…. its a win / win situation

i need the $

you need the !?

its that simple i’m quite prepared to guarantee you like it

or i’ll beat my words

have a listen

its music to have a laugh to

its available now

SKPers getting codes tomorrow

cd ships in about a week god willing

i’m excited

i think when you hear this you’ll be surprised by the dualities it contains

its never all of just one thing

variety pack

you got rockers you got ballads you got your noise and your tunes

you got sitar viola fender jazz bass tambourine guild 12 ac

you got your reverb fuzz mist and smoke

you got your pop song your rock song your folk song your joke song

you got yer vox humanis you got your footstomp and thunderclap

you got yer silly sad stupid symphonic bits

the screechy scratchy guitars the plumping bass baby yeah

some sexiness in the bass department (one hopes)

man i can fucking strangle a guitar (one trusts)

dude i rock like freaking mofo on angelfruit (its implied at least)

i am a student and master of this thing now

still learning

still gotta long way to go

this is a new day for my music

back to the purity of my solo records from the 80s

(thats a contradiction)

this record is comfortingly strange and wildly familiar

the simplicity and the complexity will astound you

i keep squeezing blood from those same old stones

then i break away into new lands new atmospherics its hard to review it

i just listened to it all the way thru on the headphones for the first time

i hear its minor triumphs and failures

i see in deeper meaning in shallow shoals of sound

the idyllist is a good record

i shouldnae have sold it short

it is a good record and it has good vibrations

some new stylisations some old tricks and hi jinks

the idyllist

i proudly present it to you all




check this out

check this out

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