posted on February 24, 2007 at 3:49 am

warm storm
the bush the sea
fat raindrops
river of singing fish
no diving or fishing from bridge
steven john wake up
but mum….
im confused
dad says
were here slim
mum says
steven you slept all the way
oh the lagoon! look its the lagoon…
yes son
whens tea?
when uncle den arrives steven
go and have a walk on the beach son….
its getting dark
im a little scared
is this werri beach
is this wonoona beach
is this sussex inlet
is this ten mile beach
or is it neilsens park beach
or is it broulee the village by the sea
yes it is
it seems like night has fallen down rapidly
im standing outside my dads old place
it hasnt changed
the sandy almost treeless garden
a slightly mournful feel
but maybe thats cause…
cause what steven ?
cause i dont know…
cause my boy-mind cant comprehend
what went n happened to you
i stand outside this house
where this very sad thing happened
and i didnt expect to meet you here
we are interupted by a dark skinned blonde haired girl
who pops her head out the door
and the moths glitter in the air round the lamps
and the girl says hi im aurora
oh what a lovely name steven
yes mum its the roman goddess of the dawn
shes a golden girl son
yes mum can i go and talk to her
no son
youve got to come in now
but mum this is the house where dad…..
hey mum does that girl have an american accent?
yes i think so son….look five more minutes then come in
oh aurora do you live there now in that house….?
no …i …i..just stay here sometimes
hey aurora
yes dad
no dont call me that
my name is…
yeah i know
its steven
of course it is dad
steven steven!
oh is that your mom or i guess you say mum
yes she doesnt like me playing when its dark
are you afraid of ghosts? aurora asks
no i…..umm yes i am
ghosts of past and ghosts of future
a sickening collision
why do you think i am called the time being?
the trees genuflect in the wind
the ocean crashes on the soft white sand
the mist…oh its so perfect
a lovely ending

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